Let’s start from the end, Ido Rosenblum looked us in the eye and promised that this is the last episode that will end without exposure, and we choose to believe and forgive, even though this is another evening that Deja Vu provided us with for the opening event.

Once again six new masked figures took the stage, received compliments from the judges for the elite costumes, and presented a collection of clues that left us more confused than their predecessors. Yes, I definitely feel that this season Shahar Hasson’s “mix” is also deeply ingrained in the format.

Also, in the best traditions, between performing and performing the judging panel makes an effort (and sometimes even succeeds) in pleasing our times. This time, the unspoken standup of jokes between Shahar Hasson and Static, as well as the selfies on the judges’ table, stood out.

Then the guesswork began. My French side, who was crowned the big winner in the previous episode after pulling out the right guess at the critical moment, started the guessing session this time with uncharacteristic confidence, and even hissed at Ofira “How does it make sense that you know everyone?”. But as the mystery of the nature of the new costumes became clearer, so did the confidence he had acquired for himself and he returned to the aid of his girlfriend’s ideas for the table, who of course knew them all personally.

And you can not really blame my side, it seems that Grotto’s appearance inside the pea pod opened the door to characters from worlds we would not have thought of before. Suddenly, when names like Naftali Bennett or Boogie Ya’alon, the ground in the studio does not shake. And this exposure seems to have made the guesswork in the show even more challenging.

If last season we were content with film and culture people, or we went far with sports stars – this time we shoot arrows in all directions, and probably do not hit either. And if that’s not enough, then also in the audio guessing, the little we have left between the hints detached from reality, is added the effect of the background singers, which leaves us with individual clean sound clips of the competitors, and lots of question marks.

The show seems to have drawn its conclusions from last season, and is doing everything to preserve the surprise factor – if all the clues lead to someone, it probably is not him. And between the escalation of the guessing game and the light debates on the judges’ table, is a former prime minister or chief of staff hiding under a blue parrot?

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