The artist Kidlat Tahimik presents in ‘loincloth’ his review of colonialism in the Philippines for the Reina Sofía

The Filipino Artist Lightning Quiet has presented at the Crital Palace of the Retiro Park in Madrid and dressed in a peculiar ‘loincloth’ his installation for the Reina Sofía Museum titled ‘Magellan, Marilyn, Mickey and Fray Damaso. 500 Years of RockStar Pathfinders’, which reviews the history of colonialism in the Philippines and the influence of cultural imperialism today and in the past.

Modernity is inseparable from the idea of ​​travel. The conquest of America begins with a trip, the round the world begins with a trip. Life, after all, is a journey “, said the director of the Reina Sofía, Manuel Borja-Villel, during the presentation of the exhibition.

According to Tahimik, his new project is a three-year job, carried out collectively with Filipino artisans, in order to build a scenario about the impact of colonialism on local cultures.

I wear this traditional loincloth not to impress the public present, but because this building was made in 1887 with the General Exhibition as a sign. And here some indigenous Filipinos were put, hence I want to remember them, “he said.

The work is made up of three wooden sculptures that depict key moments in the history of Philippine colonialism.. The first block reflects the arrival of the Magellan expedition in 1521 and his death at the hands of the natives.

The second section transports the public to 1887 with the creation of the Crystal Palace for the General Exhibition. In addition, in this block you can see the sculpture tribute to the Philippine writer and revolutionary of the Philippine independence movement, José Rizal, and the story of Fray Dámaso, which gives the project its name.

Finally, the third block represents the current cultural clash between American colonialism and indigenous resistance to the importation of foreign cultural models such as Spiderman, Mickey Mouse or Marilyn Monroe.

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