Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson together?  It’s the truth

Yesterday the entire network erupted following the photos of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, and now close to the two are telling what is happening to their sons. “Everyone is trying to seduce their sons,” relatives said

This coming January we will mark a year since the official farewell of Kim Kardashian and Kenya West, who were the royal couple of the swamp. Since the breakup the two have been behaving in a rather regal manner, dividing the property between their sons without any dispute and raising their children together in joint parenting. Now, after quite a few rumors about new romantic relationships, people close to Kim reveal what is really going on between her and Pete Davidson.

Yesterday (Sunday) the network erupted from the photos of Pete (27) and Kim (40), who were taken holding hands while having fun at the “Note Strawberry Farm” theme park in California. The two have been documented gripping each other on the scary descents of the roller coaster, but according to insiders they looked like a couple for all intents and purposes – and now the possibility arises that they are at the beginning of a new relationship.

“They walked together hand in hand until getting out of the facility. They kept walking and looking at each other, and were with another couple,” eyewitnesses told HollywoodLife. “Pete kept smiling and Kim was with his face most of the time. They looked completely romantic and came as a couple for all intents and purposes. They’ve been dating secretly for a while, and Pete is a friend of Travis, Courtney’s fiancé. They have mutual friends and they all try to match their sons.”

As you may recall, when Sack appeared earlier this month in the SNL episode in question, she and Pete Davidson kissed in one of the sketches. At the same time, Pete is known to be an avid fan of Kenya West, Kim’s ex, and it’s currently unclear if this is a real relationship or just rumors.

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