The Trump family left the White House in Washington nearly a year ago, and most of them were scattered in the most upscale neighborhoods in Miami, Florida. We got to tell you quite a bit about the president’s daughter, Ivanka, and when she celebrated her 40th birthday last weekend with an event full of champagne, caviar and levels – we had to tell you.

Ivanka celebrated her 40th birthday at a glittering festival she picked up earlier this week with all the upcoming friends. According to insiders, the former president’s daughter flew with a group of friends to the upscale South Beach neighborhood of Miami, where she noted the change of prefix at early celebrations held earlier this week.

According to insiders, the girls went out to private clubs all over Miami, the ZZ Club The private. The girls came to the mountains dancing after a sumptuous dinner at a restaurant Surf Club “” which is located in the prestigious “Four Seasons” hotel, which was held on a private and pampering patio and cost them quite a bit.

“These were two days of cruises, beaches, champagne, cakes and caviar,” a source told Page Six. “It was a girls’ party, and Ivanka’s friends came from New York and Miami. Jared, Ivanka’s husband, also arrived at the hotel for dinner at the end.” Up to 100 about 20.

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