Carol Baskin, the star of the docu-series “Tiger King” accuses the streaming service Netflix of breach of contract and illicit use of her footage in the trailer for the second season of the series. The new season of the series, which is scheduled to air on November 17, is currently in jeopardy, given the legal proceedings pending between the two parties in court in Tampa, Florida.

The lawsuit states that Netflix violated the terms regarding the appearance of Carol Baskin and her partner in the second season of the series, and that the couple demanded that they be removed immediately from all the footage in which they appear. In addition, the prosecution alleges that in the first season, false allegations were made against the Baskin couple such as animal abuse.

Millions around the world have already watched the series, and have witnessed fierce rivalry between John Exotic, owner of the Greater Wynnewood Zoo in Oklahoma, and Carol Baskin’s Zoo. Last January, a federal judge in Oklahoma court ordered the new owners of the zoo, Jeff and Lauren Lou, to transfer all of their lion cubs and tigers to the federal government as a result of violating the U.S. “Endangered Species Act” and the “Welfare Act. animals”.

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