A secret wedding?  Kylie’s picture excites the web
A period of joys, engagements and pregnancies is passing over the Kardashian family home, and now everyone is looking forward to the second birth of the family’s youngest daughter. Moments after receiving a huge diamond from her partner, everyone is sure that Kylie Jenner is married


Kylie Jenner will soon have a second baby, which she gives birth to together with her daughter’s father, Travis Scott. The two started dating in 2017, and about a year later gave birth to their first daughter, Stormy. Since then they have stopped parting and coming back quite a few times, but now, while they are excitedly looking forward to baby number 2, many on the net believe that the two * got married *.

Kylie (24) and Travis (29) have never been married, but in the last year they have launched an official comeback + a particularly exciting pregnancy. Less than a day ago, Kylie shared on her Instagram page a perfect picture of two matching diamond rings she and her daughter received from Travis, but now another ring is causing quite a stir on the networks, leading many to believe that Kylie and Travis are married.

The star shared the picture of the rings in question when under her big sweatshirt she hid her ring finger – she is the finger. On the ring finger appeared a mention of a ring that looks like a wedding ring for all intents and purposes – golden, simple and round, and when the star was caught just before boarding a private flight from Los Angeles – suspicions grew.

The photos that came from the airport reveal that Kylie does have a ring on the ring finger, but it is not clear if it is a wedding ring or not. At the same time, an acquaintance of the star sent a message to the news channel E! Because Kylie and Travis were not even engaged, and we were left with quite a few hopes.

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