Black October: A two.year low in news viewing 12

Watching the news in Israel is declining, according to data from the rating committee, with News 12 recording the lowest average viewing in the last two years last October – only 14.7%. This is a low figure like it was only in June 2020, so it was the summer season that is considered much less observable. This is the lowest figure since the merger between Keshet and News on January 12, 2019, when before that the news company was jointly owned by Keshet and Reshet – and under the Channel 2 screen. To the sole controlling owner.

Even on a multi-year basis, in the two decades since its inception, this is a low figure, but of course it is difficult to compare the market situation in the last two years to that which was under the Channel 2 monopoly. It is also declining, but less dramatically, standing at a relatively low average of 7.8%, the amount it has encountered in the past. The negative peak of News 13 by the way, was in June and August 2019, when the company achieved 7.1% and 7.5% viewing respectively.

It is difficult to pinpoint one reason for the decline in viewing volumes, but it is easy to determine that it is clear and distinct, and that it characterizes the growing weakness of linear commercial television in the face of streaming and VOD platforms.

Another reason for this is the lengthening of the current affairs strips, including the lengthening of the news edition to an hour and a half. These tracks, which start at 15:00 and reach prime time, are cheap to produce and therefore profitable, but they probably create congestion and wear and tear among viewers.

There are those who also link the decline to a lack of “thrills”: politicians such as those provided by Netanyahu and Trump, during their tenure, as opposed to the “dryness” of provocations in the new governments. During the Trump era the major American broadcast networks recorded viewing records, and the NYT also enjoyed a record of new subscribers.

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