Netflix has removed two of the six episodes of the Australian spy drama “Fine Gap” from its streaming service in the Philippines, after authorities protested that they could see a map showing China’s claims to ownership of the disputed areas in the South China Sea. Earlier this year, a similar step was taken in Vietnam.

The second and third episodes of the 2018 Australian spy series, which focuses on crew members at an Australian-American satellite station in the center of the continent, were briefly presented with a map showing the nine separation dashes that China uses to claim ownership of the Prasl, Sparta Islands and Scarborough And other states also claim ownership of them.

The Philippine State Department announced yesterday that the Film Classification Committee had concluded that the details were “unworthy of public display” and as a result the Philippine authorities demanded that they be removed. A few hours later, the two episodes in question disappeared from service in the Philippines and Netflix contented itself with the announcement that they had been “removed at government request.”

Last July, the series was completely removed from service in Vietnam, also from the countries claiming ownership of areas in the South China Sea. The state Broadcasting and Electronic Information Authority then declared that “Netflix’s violations angered and hurt the feelings of the entire nation” due to the map being shown, following which the streaming service responded to the demand and announced that the series is no longer available “to comply with local law”.

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