Close relatives of Zain Malik reveal what led to the attack

We’re still having a hard time digesting the surprising breakup of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid, who broke up last weekend after a violent assault on Zayn you are Gigi’s mother, Yolanda. While the Hadid-Malik family home is trying to collect the fragments, close relatives of Zain now explain what might have caused him to reach the extreme place he came to.

According to insiders, Zayn has been using soft drugs for many years, but the overuse he has been using lately has brought him to a negative spot. “The drug use made him paranoid, and that’s what made Harry Styles (who was with him in the band One Direction), refuse to share a plane or bus with him when they were on tour,” the source told The Post. “Zayn was not happy in the band, it was not for him. He would breeze from shows and filming, lock himself in the house, and smoke amounts of weed. He could not be trusted.” Another acquaintance added that the drug use had brought his relatives into a situation where they “did not know whether Zain would come or not, whether he would be blown away by recordings or performances.”

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These days, Zayn is completing the plan that the judge built for him after the mother’s assault, in which he goes to an anger management workshop and a workshop to prevent domestic violence. Following the attack, the star lost his recording contract with RCA. “Zayn feels life is closing in on him,” said a man from the music industry who worked with Zayn. “He honestly feels he is failing to cope with the levels of publicity he has reached, but outwardly it seems that he is forced to be good or condescending. If he was more open to talking about these issues, people would respond to him warmly.”

As you may recall, Zayn’s attack on Gigi’s mother, Yolanda, took place on September 29, while Gigi was at Paris Fashion Week. “Zayn pushed Yolanda on her dresser and caused her great physical and mental pain,” according to the report. Zayn called Gigi and shouted at her on the phone, “Raise eggs and protect your spouse from your mother in my house.” Malik received 90 days probation for each section – 360 days imprisonment in total. Zayn will go to an anger management workshop and take part in the Domestic Violence Prevention Program, and I was banned from making any contact with Yolanda. In six months, if he meets the conditions set before him, a judge will be able to release him from probation.

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