A day after the surprising exposure in the history of “The Singer in the Mask”, when Professor Itamar Grotto wounded him out of his pea costume and showed that the corona year developed no small screen lust in him, yesterday we returned to the track with a dismissed from the performing arts.

The person who edited the episode knew very well what he was doing. For an entire episode he built for us the character of my French side as a complete clown, who does not understand what is happening to his right and left and even guessed the identity of one of the characters based on clues of another character.

Then, in the moment of truth, my side laughed last when he gambled out of nowhere on Sandra Field – and he was right. It was a bold gamble that paid off, especially in light of the fact that Sarah Field is without the rolling R. who is so identified with her when she speaks.

The clues this time were also reasonable: Naomi Shemer (Sadeh starred in the play “Road Signs” from Shemer’s songs on stage), The Little Mermaid (her first role in her career) and Berlin (her daughter and grandchildren live there). After the clues that were supposed to help us identify Prof. Grotto, and in practice it is impossible to decipher them if you do not know him closely (yes, it is clear that we all know that when he received an identity card at 16 it was written “female”), this time the level of difficulty was more acceptable. The mind.

We are already two weeks into the season, and the general feeling is that it is not taking off. The ratings are fine, but the buzz that accompanied the first season has not yet returned in full. Apparently there is a price for the massive expansion in the number of participants and for the multiplicity of episodes that do not end in dismissal.

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