This is what Brad Pitt’s dating life looks like
In 2016 Brad Pitt became the most coveted bachelor in the Hollywood swamp. Since then his name has been associated with quite a few such and other novels, but now people close to the star are revealing his true status. “Concentrates on himself and not on dating”

| Posted 04/11/21 10:39

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For many years now, Brad Pitt (57) and Angelina Jolie (46) have been dragging their feet in their long divorce battle. While each side suffers such and such victories and losses, the gossip columns are mostly interested in the love life of the two most coveted singles in Hollywood. After quite a few apparent connections between the two, now close to Brad Freedom what the true status of the star is.

As you may recall, in August 2020 Brad’s name was linked to the name of the German model, Nicole Futorelsky (then 27), the mother of one who was in an open marriage with a 67-year-old man. At the same time, people close to the star tell Us Weekly magazine that in the last five years, since the divorce from Angelia – dating has never been at the top of the star’s priorities.

Brad Pitt, 2020 (Photo: John Sciulli, Getty images)
Our dream. Brad Pitt | Photo: John Sciulli, Getty images

“Brad is working hard to stay as positive as possible right now. He is not willing to go back out with other women and does not know when he will be,” the insider said. “The war with Angelina really affects Brad. Lucky he has tremendous willpower to move on, alongside a wonderful support group and tools he learned when he recovered in times that were particularly difficult.” The insider further added that Brad has indeed gone out “for a few dates and had fun” in recent years, but now he is taking care of himself and his needs. We are always in favor.

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