The singer in the mask: A surprising connection was revealed between Bar Refaeli and Professor Itamar Grotto

Professor Grotto fulfills a dream: Last night b“Singer in a Mask” We had a little refreshment. The element of surprise does exist in every episode, because that is the essence of the program, to surprise every time the singer removes the mask, but yesterday the surprise was more surprising when we discovered thatProfessor Itamar Grotto Hid behind the pea costume.

The same man we got to know in the Corona period from the beginning, who often frowned when asked in TV interviews questions that seemed annoying to him, and always seemed to just not have the patience to answer, discovered that he had other sides. To me he always seemed to prefer, instead of being bothered with all this tarring of the corona, to grab a head on some island in Greece and soak up the caressing sun away from the hardships of the day the corona landed on all of us.

And here, we saw another grotto. Grotto that jumps on stage and sings, albeit not in the movements of a professional dancer or a certified singer, but who cares? He seemed happy as a child who fulfilled a distant dream. It turns out that during the Corona period he also took drumming lessons seriously and the exposure yesterday could not help but appeal to the viewers, due to the courage and need to get out of the boring routine and abysmal seriousness required of him in his role.

Prof. Itamar Grotto (Photo: Rami Zranger)

What impressed me more, however, was the fact that Prof. Grotto came to the show to please himself, even more than the viewers. This is how it would have looked yesterday. That his public performance was mostly to fill some lack of himself and feel satisfied, and not necessarily to impress the audience and flaunt musical talent, and hell with the corona that has taken over our lives and threatens to extinguish every spark of joy of life. And here lies the secret of the man’s charm, and if the existing format had crowned as the winner of the season the singer who surprised the most, the winner would undoubtedly have been the dear professor.

So maybe you should change the format. We did it more than enough in the reality of “Big Brother”, so why not in “Singer in a Mask”? I anticipate that over time this format will start to tire itself out. Even now no one is impressed by the hallucinatory cries of “Who is this, who is this” of the panel of judges that sound like they are in a psychotic mad attack.

Itamar Grotto (Photo: Keshet Screenshot 12)Itamar Grotto (Photo: Keshet Screenshot 12)

In other words, after a few episodes at the opening of the season that made me personally completely bored, yesterday I actually enjoyed it. And why was I bored before? Not only because of the same repetitive reactions from the jury, and Shahar Hasson’s constant body shaking back and forth while playing the numbers, but for the simple reason of a guessing game when the clues and the connection between them are completely random and sometimes illogical, as if the plan was designed to create a chance You’re losing interest very quickly. Even in a simple card game, you get clues during the game, which cards your opponent wants to get from you, and you avoid giving them to him. Even in a game that sells 21 questions, you get at least “yes” and “no” answers to your questions, which focus you on finding the solution in a more limited area, rather than being interpreted on an infinity of possibilities, allowing some chance for correct guessing.

Yesterday, for example, how the hell could Bar Refaeli and Grotto be linked? Who even knew she had ever babysat for his children? Imagine that Bibi was the singer in a mask and as a hint they would give the favorite dish falafel, because once at the beginning of the corona he was photographed buying falafel at one of the restaurants? So if it’s about throwing hints that hint at nothing, what’s interesting about this game? And if I mentioned Bibi, I would very much like to see him in the role of the singer in the mask. According to the video that was circulated on the Internet yesterday as a “James Bond” character, he is no small performer.

Netanyahu in Tiktok (Photo: screenshot)Netanyahu in Tiktok (Photo: screenshot)

And despite the critique of the show, which for me lacks any depth and is purely entertainment for the masses, at least the scenery is amazing and the songs sounding are bouncy, rhythmic and exciting and I added them to my repertoire of songs on Spotify.

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