Helle Thorning-Schmidt appeared at the Queen’s gala dinner in a dress, what became the evening’s most talked about dress

Helle Thorning-Schmidt arrives here at the Queen’s gala table.

The former prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt stole the spotlight at the queen’s jubilee party at Christiansborg.

She was dressed in a pink dress with long sleeves and a plunging neckline, and it has people on social media

The response has generally been positive. On Sunday, Helle Thorning-Schmidt posted several pictures on Instagram of herself in the colorful dress, and the comment section was flooded with comments, in particular the words ‘wow’ and ‘the most beautiful dress of the evening’.

‘Fantastic dress on a fantastic woman’, writes a follower about the 55-year-old former prime minister.

‘That’s goddess-level,’ writes another, while several others chime in:

‘Unabashedly beautiful!!!!’


‘We live in 2022’
Daring as it is, the dress went down well with the vast majority. But the dress also generated skepticism among several people. Among other things, a reader submitted the following comment to Ekstra Bladet’s live coverage on Sunday:

‘Helle Thorning-Schmidt must think she is on the red carpet in Hollywood when she poses for photographs! With your hand at your side and sit still. And too low-cut dress.’

However, designer Søren Le Schmidt, who is behind the much talked about dress, defends the cut of the dress to Ekstra Bladet.

– There were dresses that showed much more skin than we did with Helle Thorning’s dress. I think it was only because it was a cutout that people came to the keys, he says.

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Several also questioned whether such a dress broke the dress code for a royal gala dinner. A dress code which requires, among other things, that the women’s ankles must be covered and that there must be no slits in the dresses.

But Søren Le Schmidt emphasizes that the dress complies with all the rules it should. He also believes that the dress is a reflection of the time when women’s clothing does not have to be quite so conservative anymore. Not even for a royal event.

– Now we also live in 2022, where the rules with dresses are also being bent more and more, so yesterday we also saw several women with slits and dresses that did not go all the way to the floor. Just 20 years ago, we also didn’t see as many bare shoulders as we saw yesterday, says the designer.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to get a comment from Helle Thorning-Schmidt about the positive reception her dress has received, but this has not yet been possible.

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