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Various musicians unions in Spain have rejected the celebration of European Music Day next Monday, June 21 understanding that the situation in the sector is “precarious” and in the concerts of this date “the current legislation is not respected”.

“The public administrations and political parties organize that day performances and concerts in which the current legislation is not respected, nor the minimum hiring. Parties are not free and, in an increasingly precarious environment, the industry does not want to lower its profits at all costs“, they have indicated in a joint communiqué.

The signatories are the CNT Madrid Music Section (CNT Madrid), the Sindicat de Trabajadoras / es Musicos (CST.Musicos), the Caja de Músicos (Gijón), the Sindicat de la Música Valenciana (SIMUV and the Sindicat de Musics Activistes). de Catalunya (SMAC!)

Every June 21 we musicians celebrate Music Day. Or rather we join celebrations proposed by those who earn money with our work and in which we paint the same as in the world of music. We are the ones who show up, the ones who entertain the people and those who, deep down, pay the party“they have lamented.

Under the motto ‘There is nothing to celebrate’, the musicians have asked to reflect on the state of the sector. “We would gladly celebrate this party, and any other, if the legal minimums in our profession were met., if the labor nature of this work is recognized when performing in public shows or if the minimum established are respected “, they have pointed out.

We would celebrate if the rooms programmed, as they say they do when they ask for aid and subsidies, not that they rent us their premises, which in the end causes us to have to pay to do our work. It is an industry that only looks after its interests at the expense of those of us who do the hardest work“They have concluded.

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