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Not a long day will come and academic courses will teach how Donald Trump came to be President of the United States. Surely in one of the courses they will learn about another of the evil qualities of the man – how cowardly he was.

The movie “Four Hours on Capitol Hill” documents the great eruption on January 6, in which a rioting mob captured the stronghold of the world’s largest democracy – Capitol Hill – while members of the House of Representatives were busy confirming the election results, which Democrat Joe Biden won. And Donald Trump Hobbes.

In an unspoken speech by an American president, Donald Trump called on his supporters to go up the hill en masse to make their voices heard for what was “stolen” from them – the true results of the regime according to him, according to which he, of course, won the presidential election.

Through rare footage and interviews with police officers and also with invaders, the film describes the course of the burglary, step by step, in a kind of modern “Ammunition Hill”, where there are stairwells, rarely used building entrances, stone balconies and entrances and gates where cops and invaders fought each other , Until the invaders arrived at the main courtroom itself.

Trump hit his supporters to the point of insanity, he guided them as they programmed a missile warhead toward the Capitol, and from the moment they got there, the riot lost control, and members of Congress and senators were forced to hide under tables for fear of their lives. The President of the United States did not come to their aid.

And actually someone surprised? When the cameras join the invaders in the early stages of their march to the hill and document the exchanges between them and their furious shouts, a main fact immediately emerges: they have no idea what they want. Inside them they feel great anger.

They are programmed towards a goal, and they are marching towards it, but what will they do when they arrive – they have no idea. Their brain is eliminated. Sent back to the edge of the skull. The impact of self-control has been minimized. What motivates them is the angry person next to them, in front of them, behind them, who in turn is driven by their own anger. The lone self is erased. There is only a mob.

Every Trump needs a mob. For weeks, since the votes were counted and the election results were received, Trump has bothered to build his mob. He repeatedly shouted about the “theft” of the results. He accused the courts – which one by one rejected his appeals – of skewing the law. Scattered accusations everywhere about the “theft of the state” as a whole.

The accusations, vague as they were, fell on deaf ears. His fans, disappointed to the depths of their souls from the loss to Baiden, heard, internalized, and when the day came, as a loyal army, tens of thousands of warm-hearted men among them went out to riot in a way America had never seen before and astonished the whole world.

It is hard to believe that if during that day Trump had declared any form of military regime and that in light of the situation we do not intend to evacuate the White House, the governing bodies would have cooperated with him. During the last days of Trump’s rule, the US Chief of Staff maintained secret contacts with his Chinese counterparts in order to reassure them and promised that military forces, even if they were instructed by Trump to act against China, would not obey him.

Other security arms, too, and federal governors, it makes sense to assume, would have ignored an injury to America’s legal chain of administration. But the fact that the possibility of all of this has come to the table in itself shows how democracy at certain points in time, in the systematic incitement of tens of thousands of people – will be on its face as stable as it may be – may be fragile and endangered.

And it will be missing if we do not examine what is happening in America from a local Israeli point of view. Our great fortune is that thanks to the norms of behavior in our democracy, many years younger than its big sister overseas, similar events cannot occur. Here you will not find a politician who accuses another party of stealing the election.

Nor will you find a leader who in turn blames the investigators of the police, the State Attorney’s Office, the top echelons of the judiciary and also the judges for persecuting and distorting the law. The culture of debate here does not contain rudeness, screaming, savagery and maintains respect for the other and the dignity of the entire House of Representatives. How much better is our fate that we came into the world and we live in this stable and handsome democracy, and not there in the repulsive battlefields of the Gentiles.

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