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The actress Gemma Raven, awarded the Max Honor Award for Performing Arts awarded by the SGAE, has stated that throughout its entire trajectory he has not suffered sexual harassment, but he has received “many undesirable looks” to which he “ignored”.

“I have not experienced those cases of sexual harassment, but yes many undesirable glances to which he did not pay any attention and that was the end of the thing“, said in an interview with Europa Press the actress, who has acknowledged that Spanish cinema has been “butt macho” and, especially, at the time of the comedies associated with ‘landismo’ in some of which he participated.

“It was one of the things that got in the way in the texts, which later became movies: it was a very big machismo. But it is that this unifying machismo escaped everywhere, until women have gotten tired and we have yelled ‘no!’ very strong“, Cuervo highlighted.

However, he believes that this situation has already changed thanks to the “charming strength of women to show men that all that they did was a waste of time.” “It was the wrong path. Women are very valid in what we do and we do not need to be protected like girls, we do need to be loved: the path is enriching, not overwhelming“, has defended.

In any case, Cuervo does not remember negatively that time, even defending a type of cinema that “was not had as much respect as now” for the mere fact of being comedy– In addition, in between, he had time to work on the film that “meant everything” for his career, ‘The world continues’, along with Fernando Fernán Gómez.

“It is a very intelligent film, with an extraordinary script and with which he censored it, he missed a lot by removing it from the middle“, has lamented – ‘The world continues’ was more than forty years forgotten, after a premiere in 1965 very difficult –” At that time we had no idea of ​​the impact it could achieve. I remember working with Fernando as a very intelligent person, with a good humor and a man who treated people very well“, has affirmed.


Actress with a wide theatrical career – “I have always performed with love for the stage”, she admits – Cuervo gained media coverage in recent decades thanks to her work on television and, more specifically, in the series ‘La que se avecina’ and ‘There is no one who lives here’. “It was a lovely time for television and simple for texts. I was very happy and would return again without hesitation“, has indicated.

However, Cuervo continues to look forward and admits that he feels strong enough to play new roles. “I would like to work with the modern directors of today, with a good character, although I am not in a hurry at all. If they offer me to make a movie or more television, I will welcome it very well, because I am very healthy and have a good brain“, he commented with humor.

The arrival of the Max de Honor leaves the actress “overflowing with happiness” by assuming a “climax”. “They are valuing your whole life and also this gives me more years of life. I will appreciate it trying to work more– They missed this type of awards, but the thing is that the theater is not so recognized in this country, “he concluded.


The Organizing Committee of the Max Awards for the Performing Arts has awarded the award to Cuervo “for all his performance in the field of performing arts”– The committee, which has highlighted his vast career as an interpreter and the recognized as a pioneering figure, has also highlighted her work as a Spanish theater entrepreneur and her commitment to the theatrical repertoire

The Catalan interpreter will receive the award on October 4 at the Arriaga Theater in Bilbao during the delivery ceremony of the XXIV edition of the Max Awards for Performing Arts organized by the SGAE Foundation with the collaboration of the Bilbao City Council, the Arriaga Theater Bilbao and the INAEM. The ceremony will be broadcast on RTVE.

Gemma Cuervo was born in Barcelona in 1934. The Max de Honor Award joins a series of recognitions, including the National Theater Award (1965) and the Silver Medal of the Community of Madrid (2018), among many others. Theater, film, radio and television actress and recognized image of the mythical drama program of Spanish Television Estudio 1, Cuervo also stood out in the business side, founding together with her husband, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, her own theater company in 1969.

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