Many types of exposures have been recorded so far this season and some of “The Singer in the Mask” in Israel. There were exposures that made us think “what the hell” (Itamar Grotto, I’m talking about you), and ones that were much more natural and logical. But there was no exposure in which we saw the face of the exposed and had no idea who he was. Until yesterday.

Kevin Robin is, it turns out, a huge teen star, with a successful career both in the standard children’s world and on social media. But he has yet to break through beyond that niche, making him unrecognizable to the vast majority of the audience.

And so, instead of the climactic moment of the show, where we filter for ourselves “I knew!”, “I had no idea” or “I can not believe I just saw the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health frolicking in a pea costume,” came a strange and puzzling anti-climax.

Besides, there is still a feeling that the current season is not taking off. Too many participants, too many characters, too many episodes, and too little fun. Today, for example, a new episode will be broadcast with the first group of characters – characters we have not seen for nearly a month. Anyone remember them at all? Anyone remember the hints and guesses? The modest success of winter 20/21 grew and swelled until it lost direction in winter 21/22.

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