This coming January will mark a year of farewell that shook the world of entertainment – the farewell of Kim Kardashian and Kenya West. Since breaking up quite a few rumors about new relationships have stuck in the two, but in recent weeks rumors have become a real suspicion when Kim was photographed holding hands with Pete Davidson, and now Kenya has officially launched his new relationship.

West (44) came to the game of the basketball school he opened, Donda Academy, and sat down to watch the first-class game. Beside him sat throughout the game the model Vintira, only 22 years old, and close to the two confirmed to the Page Six website that the two “have been dating for a while”. Vintira also arrived with Kenya for the last Sunday service he held, and will probably come next as well. The young model also traveled with him to Miami, where West was interviewed for the Drink Champs show in a video that has since gone viral.

West’s new partnership comes just about a week after the entire network erupted from the ex’s seemingly new relationship, Kim Kardashian. Kim was photographed holding hands with SNL star Pete Davidson, and since then the two have met quite a few times. Did the unveiling of Kenya’s new relationship come at a pre-determined timing? We will remain curious.

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