The notebook is open and the hand records: In the episode that aired yesterday in Survival, we finally got the necessary confirmation thatBuzaglo fan Going to get all the help he needs to attract the big rivalry with Jackie Azoulay As much as possible. This time he received the award directly from Magdi, who feels his back to the wall.

Capricorn, for the one who forgot, was chosen as the least vital man in Apolaki and therefore will not be able to defend himself in the task of personal immunity. In his growing despair, he turns to seek help from the only person this season who has already proven unreliable. Capricorn is sure to outline the “greatest show in the history of survival,” the one that will lead Jackie out of the game. So I’ll make you a spoiler: he’s not. So simple, if you have prepared such a good and profound plan, how do you change direction in two seconds just because Buzaglo prefers to oust Maayan Ashkenazi rather than the new Nemesis?

The 24-year-old contestant still did not realize he was standing in a one-man show, so focused on himself that he no longer tried to hide that as long as he was part of the tribe, he preferred to keep forces and let others sacrifice himself, or in his words – “If Dudu and Jonathan saw “Once in a while, they would never give up on me.” Someone should give Buzaglo a head start and remind him that he is the one who claimed the injury on the first day on the island.

Ohad Bouzaglo, from “Survival” (Photo: 13 screenshot)

Meanwhile in the second tribe Vered has discovered that her tribe has taken the confession of her illness, and is using it as a weapon against her. So what is she doing? Everything a true athlete would do – prove to them how wrong they are. On the immunity mission Vered took it upon herself to stand alongside Michael Lewis and Dandan Bolotin, and as they began to show signs of fatigue, she was the one who pulled forward, spurred and gave her tribe an important advantage on the way to another three days on the island.

Like Vered, Odelia has taken a step forward in the mission. Despite Yuval’s contempt for her, she has proven that when she is focused and striving, she is at least not confused. Her insistence on Yuval, where she could have placed the responsibility on him and signaled him for dismissal, gave Odelia a very strong card and opened the way to finding her way in the game once again. When Fanny is in the hut, Ward proves that despite the disease she is able to meet the tasks, the power shown by Odelia can cause the Libolan tribe to recalculate a route related to Odelia. Now just bring the same motivation to the social aspect of the game as well.

Odelia Suissa, from Odelia Suissa, from “Survival” (Photo: 13 screenshot)

Libolan’s victory in the immunity mission came at an excellent timing for them. They managed to postpone the re-confrontation with Fanny for several days. Apolaki, on the other hand, will likely have to endure a few more hours on the council with a fan, who will likely confuse his mind again about the same dismissal and that he deserves revenge.

Assuming he actually defeats Maayan in a duel, and somehow he and Gadi manage to get the tribesmen to oust Maayan, is anyone willing to bet that this time too the identity of the “cabin keeper” will be decided based on stones placed on scales instead of a challenge between the deposed? If so, read the first paragraph again.

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