Tips for influencers: – Super strange and awkward

Last week, influencer Julie-Elsebeth and comedian Christian Fuhlendorff were invited to DR’s ‘Aftenshowet’, to talk about each of their new achievements.

Julie-Elsebeth has published the book ‘Ring til en voksen’, while Fuhlendorff has started a new podcast, ‘Up the rabbit hole’, which is about conspiracy theories.

And precisely conspiracy theories became the focal point for an awkward situation in the ‘Evening Show’. It happens when Julie-Elsebeth is asked if she is curious about conspiracy theories.

– I am not at all curious about that. In any way, she replies, laughing.

When she is asked afterwards what she thinks about people who do not believe that the moon landing took place, the answer is also clear.

– Then I think, it sounds crazy. But feel free and have fun with it. But it doesn’t really arouse anything in me.

And it certainly didn’t go down well with Fuhlendorff, who has subsequently called the situation ‘awkward and super strange’ in his podcast ‘Hva’ So?’.

– You can’t sit as a fellow guest and just shoot down another guest’s product, that’s a bit bad style. (…) It was super strange and awkward to sit in the atmosphere she created there, he says in the podcast.

Had to bite his lip
And when the conversation in the ‘Evening Show’ subsequently fell on Julie-Elsebeth’s book, Christian Fuhlendorff also had to refrain from criticizing the book, even though he actually thinks it sounded very interesting, he says in ‘Hva’ So?’.

– I really had to bite my lip there, not to say ‘it sounds like a dead sick book’. Because I don’t think it did. But I wanted to give back. But I didn’t.

He also says that he felt that Julie-Elsebeth threw his new podcast under the bus.

– Maybe she was just being honest. I probably just wouldn’t have answered that because it was such a weird way to throw someone else’s product under the bus.

In the end, however, he dismisses the situation a little.

– Now, fuck it. She was probably just nervous.

A misunderstanding
Ekstra Bladet has written with Julie-Elsebeth about the situation. She calls it an ‘unfortunate misunderstanding’, which she recovered from because she was nervous.

‘This is a really unfortunate misunderstanding. I was thrown in from the side and had no idea what we were going to talk about. I sat there, wildly nervous, taking Ulla’s question to mean that I had to answer whether I thought conspiracy theories in general were exciting. Not Christian Fuhlendorff’s podcast’, writes the influencer.

She says that she has actually heard every episode of ‘Up the rabbit hole’ and thinks that the podcast is really good.

‘I had praised their idea before the program started, as I think their angle is cool. In fact, I’ve heard every episode, so it was definitely not my intention to talk it down, nor did I understand that it was perceived that way.’

She also writes that she has subsequently spoken to both Christian Fuhlendorff and his editor, and that they have now sorted out the misunderstanding.

‘There are really no hard feelings’, she writes.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to get a comment from Christian Fuhlendorff, but he has not returned the inquiries.

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