What some people refer to as her “Oh my God” is really Brandon’s “monster shit!” It inspires both curiosity and horror. Every time the unbelievable occurs, it explodes out of him. Young people have had numerous opportunities to do so recently.

Brandon like scary films. He writes about unexplained incidents where monsters and demons are causing trouble on his blog, the Creepy Chronicles. His sister refers to him as “Nerdon” (Brandon the nerd) because he wears glasses, spends a lot of time in front of the computer, and has a vivid imagination. But he would have never dared to think that one day he would actually be standing in the “cave of the hanging witches” and defeat himself in a battle for life or death. He had no way of knowing that an anxiety feeder that thrives on people’s fears would cause his nightmares. phobia killer? True “monster shit” exists here. similar to those who collect eyes, graveyard shufflers, or skins. Padraig, a 14-year-old, teaches Brandon that all of these creatures of the night are real.

A strong monster hunter with long hair and lanky build, she one day appears with Hannah, a pretty young woman with little horns and clairvoyant skills. A significant interaction. The three must cooperate despite their differences. They have the best chance of locating Padraig’s missing father if they work together. But first, you need to figure out the mystery behind a rundown orphanage in the woods.

Gothic romanticism and horror icons like “Alien” mixed inexplicably

The first line of the horror-fantasy detective series “Creepy Chronicles,” in which four keys to the shadow world must be discovered, is “Don’t lose your head!” It is rumored that Padraig’s father, a monster hunter like his son, vanished in it. The saga was written by Swiss author Sergio Dudli and released as a book by Dtv Junior. Marius Clarén and Dirk Petrick simultaneously read it for Audio Verlag with audible enjoyment. The numerous beasts allow the protagonists to snort, croak, and mutter while the speakers give them a youthful freshness.

The gothic romance, horror classics like “Alien,” and elements of “Harry Potter” are all mixed together in “Creepy Chronicles.” The story, which is alternately told from Padraig’s and Brandon’s perspectives, moves readers and listeners along by leaving them on cliffhangers. That will help the fairly convoluted plot: The length of the unabridged audiobook is close to ten hours.

The Scottish Highlands serve as the backdrop. Dudli uses a variety of clichés to create ambiance, such as the howling wind, gnarled oaks, creaky flooring, and the old, yellow encyclopedia. In the horror genre, that’s OK. The author could have avoided clichés like “My blood froze in my veins” and “The fear is chilling on his neck,” though.

There are some abrupt parts in the “Chronicles.” “Human sushi” includes rolling heads and squirting blood and mucus. The latter, however, also shows that Dudli frequently diffused situations with wit and humor in a way that was suitable for young people. The book may not just appeal to those who are afraid of spiders because the tiny animals play a significant part and occasionally flow over the main characters like a “bubbling flood of viscous, black lava.” ugh!

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