Fanny Bornedal about famous father: It has haunted me

The actress Fanny Bornedal, 21, will soon appear in the DR series ‘Carmen Curlers’. In addition, she has starred in other blockbusters and series, including ‘1864’, ‘Borgen’ and ‘The shadow in my eye’.

And it was no luck that Fanny Bornedal fell into the film industry. As the name suggests, she is the daughter of the famous director Ole Bornedal, who, among other things, is behind ‘The Night Watch’.

And it is something that has haunted her a little, she tells Ekstra Bladet when we meet her at a press conference on ‘Carmen Curlers’.

– I don’t know if you can say that it has put pressure on me. But it has always haunted me a little, that is, for better or for worse, she says and continues.

– Of course, there are always those who doubt you a little. For example, I have often been told that this is the only reason I get roles. So I’ve had to fight a bit against those prejudices.

Also a privilege
Fanny, however, did not want to be her father besides, she says. Moreover, she also calls it a privilege.

– I also see it as a privilege to be in the same industry as my father. And I have never denied that having my father in the industry has been a push in the right direction.


But everything about the career is far from her father’s merit, she emphasizes.

– But I would like to be allowed to have my talent to myself.

Joy and a little anxiety
It has been 14 years since Fanny Bornedal entered the acting scene.

Since then she has had several small and slightly larger roles, but especially in recent years, she has become popular in the industry and has, among other things, had roles in several major series including ‘Equinox’, ‘Borgen’ and now ‘Carmen Curlers’.

And the fame has caused mixed feelings in the young Fanny Bornedal, she says.

– Well, it has been a mixture of everything. Both overwhelm and joy and a little anxiety.

Most of all, however, she is happy about everything that is happening in her career.

– I’m just super happy to be allowed to do what I love, and to be allowed to work as much and do the roles that I want.

New project
Fanny Bornedal is happy with her current career and the direction it has taken. But she does have a big dream, which she hopes one day can come true.

– I would really like to make a Hollywood film sometime in the future, it’s a huge dream. But of course I am humble about it. But you always want to try to work with the big stars.

Whether that dream comes true, Fanny Bornedal will have to wait and see. But until then, she can look forward to a career in Denmark, which is going fantastic.

And she is also already working on a new project, which unfortunately she can’t say much else about, other than that it will be big and that you should be happy.

– I start shooting a feature film on Monday. And you should be happy, it’s a fairly big film.

In addition to Fanny Bornedal, Rosalinde Mynster, Lars Ranthe, Morten Hee Andersen, Maria Rossing and Christian Tafdrup also star in ‘Carmen Curlers’. The series premieres on 2 October on DR.

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