Megan Merkel apologizes to court: “I forgot”

In October 2019, Prince Harry and Megan Merkel opened legal proceedings against the British “Daily Mail” newspaper, following the alleged illegal publication of a private letter sent from Megan Merkel to her father, Thomas Merkel. The court hearings continue to this day, and yesterday (Wednesday) there was a rather dramatic development in the case – which put Merkel in the most negative light there is.

Jason Canoff, who was the private secretary of Prince Harry and Megan Merkel at the Royal Palace, arrived yesterday to testify at the trial of Harry and Megan. According to his testimony, Merkel was prepared for the possibility that her father’s letter would leak to the media, adding to his arguments various backups in the form of email correspondence between the two. In addition, Kanoff revealed emails with detailed lists that the two had written in favor of the authors of the book “Finding Freedon,” in stark contrast to previous allegations that they did not cooperate with the authors of the book.

In Canoff’s testimony, he revealed an email correspondence from Criminal, in which Megan sent him the draft letter. “Obviously everything I have formulated is out of an understanding that the letter may be leaked,” she wrote. Canoff added that Megan asked if she should address her father in a letter in “Daddy,” adding that “in the unfortunate event that the letter is leaked, the word will pull at the threads of the heart.”

The evidence that Kanoff provided to the court undermines Megan’s basic claim in the lawsuit against the Daily Mail that she did not intend for anyone to be exposed to the letter other than her father. Megan apologized to the court, claiming she did not remember the exchange. “I apologize to the court for not remembering the exchange at the time,” she said. “I had no intention or desire to mislead the defendant or the court.”

This morning (Thursday), the covers of highly regarded newspapers in Britain celebrated on Merkel’s blood. The British Sun featured Megan’s face in blue and portrayed her as a “forgetful lady” (as a tribute to the “Mr. Ish” children’s book series), and the Daily Express and Daily Telegraph made the apology the main story of the paper. It is not clear at this time how the issue will affect Harry and Megan’s trial.

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