Earlier this week the weather forecasters promised us a sleet and even some rain. So winter has not come, but what is certain is that the weekend here after another five days of tiring routine – received it with stormy applause.

These are some of the popular series on Netflix Israel, but are they worth watching?

You probably know what that means. The couch is waiting, the cockroach in the conference, and the binge marathon in the doorway. So this week too I went through the series you liked the most, and I made for you the hard choice between watching soon or going to take a nap.

We will always have Paris – Emily in Paris: Emily in Paris

Well, it’s time to talk about the American-French sensation that drove the world crazy in 80 days. Emily (Lily Collins, yes yes, the daughter of singer Phil Collins), a young American woman in her 20s, moves to Paris by surprise. Why do you ask? Well, she was appointed ambassador of a French marketing company.

Emily in Paris (Photo: From Netflix)

The coveted role forces her to drink France in big gulps, while trying to get new friends and strengthen her relationship. How do you manage to combine everything? Does a high dose of Paris lead to uncontrollable romance?

I will not reveal too much to you, but I will reveal get with and keyboard – watching Emily in Paris is definitely worth it. You don’t always need a complicated and suspenseful plot, sometimes even a light and sweet series does the job.

The Blacklist: The Blacklist

Red Readington (James Spider), a former accomplished officer and accomplice, has become one of the FBI’s top ten wanted criminals. One fine day, he shows up at the FBI headquarters in Washington and betrays himself. sounds strange? Wait.

Reddington and Elizabeth.  The blacklist (Photo: from Netflix)Reddington and Elizabeth. The blacklist (Photo: from Netflix)

Redington was taken to a secret FBI facility, and announces that he has decided to take a break from escaping and help them capture criminals. But these are not just criminals, but the most dangerous – ones that the government does not even know exist. Since of course everything has a price, Red asks for compensation for his actions – immunity from an indictment and working with only one agent – Elizabeth.

I will leave everything described below to you. The nine seasons of the series left me with a taste of more, and I was left completely stunned by some of the twists and turns along the way. So if we’re dealing with lists, the blacklist is really not on my blacklist, wait for the dark evening hours and click play.

How I Met Your Mother: How I Met Your Mother

A question that is actually a classic. The Emmy-winning American sitcom accompanies Ted Mosby and his four friends in Manhattan, with each episode beginning with a few words of his own as he tells his children how he met their mother. The series aired for the first time in 2005 for nine seasons, and has since become one of the most popular, also in Israel.

How I Met Your Mother (Photo: From Netflix)How I Met Your Mother (Photo: From Netflix)

The plot is reminiscent of Friends and Seinfeld, but also different, which is its special part. Although here too you will see a variety of excellent scenes that include the gang of Ted, Marshall, Lily and Bernie, the point of view is many times actually of Mosby, the narrator. This way we can see a lot of situations that do not necessarily reconcile with reality, which make everything even more magical.

The whole story begins when Marshall, Ted’s best friend, proposes marriage to the choice of his heart Lily. This proposal preceded his forty-year-old crisis, and he decides that if he does not wake up he will become the strange uncle who is not an uncle, but an aging bachelor. When he helps Bernie find true love, he will also understand that he has chosen the most wrong person.

Although the first seasons of the series were much better than the sequel, I recommend you give it a try and embark on a journey to the mysterious mother. If you have already watched the glorious heritage, you can do so again. Bezinga.

Atypical: Atypical

We were in crime, we were in comedy, we were in Paris. Now is the time for something exciting that will make you happy at heart and good at heart – atypical, a Netflix original series created by Rubia Rashid. While watching, we meet 18-year-old Sam, a young guy on the high-functioning autism spectrum.

Atypical (Photo: From Netflix)Atypical (Photo: From Netflix)

At the beginning of the four-season series, Sam decides he wants to start dating women. After persuasion he decides to consult with his father Doug, who discovers that his son is in love with his guide, 26-year-old Julia. Sam’s difficulties lead him to a definite conclusion – he must find a girlfriend in order to practice his new skill, and so he begins to discover the world of dating.

No matter how you twist it, Sam’s path is going to be complex. He will deal with things he did not know, and will try to explain himself to rain when sometimes there is no right way to do it.

Through a lot of emotion and no less dramas, the story managed to touch my subtle capillaries, and also remind me of the really important things I had long forgotten. In conclusion, I was excited, enjoyed and also hurt, but very much loved.

Rick and Morty: Rick and Morty

Well, let’s do it fast, like a band-aid – I did not like Rick and Morty. You can continue. So usually when you tell about a grandfather who babysits his grandson, it sounds completely innocent. In practice, Rick Sanchez, the alcoholic scientist for whom profanity is a way of life, does just the opposite during the time shared with his grandson Morty. Throughout the show’s five seasons, the two travel between universes, removing all the slime from the family relationships that surround them.

Rick and Morty (Photo: From Netflix)Rick and Morty (Photo: From Netflix)

The comedy-satirical TV series created by Dan Harmon and Justin Rowland is intended for adults only, of course, and includes obscenities and criticism of what is not usually challenged. Alongside the uninstalled duo, you will also see Beth and Jerry, Morty’s parents who got married following an unwanted pregnancy, and Summer, his sister.

Although the sarcastic comedy is considered very popular, the cringe levels did me no favors. Too many existential questions, a million sacred cows sacrificing their lives and a lot of chaos, have made watching discouraging. Let’s say that if you get up in the morning knowing you can do anything, after a chapter or two, you’ll understand that humans are nothing more than a grain of sand. What I would do, however, is lend Merrick his time machine, and go back to before watching.

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