Female leadership in animated shorts and series grows slightly but far from parity, according to the MIA 2022 Report

In the 70th edition of the San Sebastián International Festival MIA, the association of Women in the Animation Industry has presented the conclusions of its 2022 report. A work that, according to the data compiled by the five researchers who have worked on the document, highlights that, Although the glass ceiling continues without breaking, especially in the field of feature films, there is a slight rise in female participation in leading roles in short films and television series.

The MIA Report aims to give visibility, through reliable data, to the gender inequalities in the animation sector such as the percentages of representation of women in leadership positions or the approach of stereotyped roles in the contents of animation productions made in Spain.

A study showing the “real situation of the sector” since it is, according to the president of MIA, Myriam Ballesterospure statistics” collected over several years in time and that is one of the main tools of the association in its objective of “give visibility to female work in the animation sector and value it to help creators, especially the younger ones, to make the leap into the industry and not just stay in the studios or school shorts and They can carry out larger, more expensive and more ambitious projects“.

The presentation of the MIA 2022 Report in San Sebastian has been in charge of three of its five researchers: Sara Alvarez, Maitane Junguitu and Susana Garcia. complete the research team Vicar Begoña and Nerea Cuenca.

Among the most important conclusions of this work, which has analyzed 59 short films, four feature films and eight animated series, it stands out that animated feature films are a long way from parity, with the female presence in the teams falling to 26%. Secondly, women reach 40% of leadership positions in animated shortsup from 34% a year earlier, and 41% in seriesten points more than the 31% registered in the 2021 MIA Report.

In addition, the study reveals that works directed by women have smaller budgets and receive less aid or appear pigeonholed in the category of selective aid. As projects gain economic importance, the number of female directors decreases.

Regarding the contents, according to the Report, and in the case of feature films, the fact that there are women in positions of authority is equivalent to the fact that there is female representation on the screen. In the case of series, despite the fact that there is only one female director in the study sample, there are several series aimed at female audiences.

The ‘MIA 2022 Preview Report’, presented in San Sebastian, already anticipates some new features that will include the ‘Shapeless MIA 2022’ winner of one of the Luis García Berlanga Film Research Grants, from the Film Academy. This new report will include a comparative study of the 2020, 2021 and 2022 reports, as well as the methodological guide used.

ANIMAL 2022-23

Within your space San Sebastian Film Festival MIA has also announced the name of the six selected projects that will participate in ANIMAL 2022-23, the mentoring program for Spanish and Latin American animation projects led by women. Is about three feature films and three animated series who have been chosen by a Selection Committee who have been chosen from a total of 39 applications from 9 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

The three selected feature films are ‘Collied: Earth and Monsters’ by screenwriter Estefanía Piñeres (Adventure/Musical, Colombia, 90 min.); ‘Blue’s Journey’ by director and screenwriter Aline Romero (Fantasy/Ecology, Spain, 80 min.), and ‘Nihonjin’ by director Celia Catunda and screenwriter Rita Catunda (Drama, Brazil, 80 min.).

For their part, the chosen animation series are ‘Holy Shadow’ by director Paula Boffo (Action/Terror Folk, Argentina), ‘Half way’ by the directors Raquel Juan Maestre and Pilar Juan Maestre (Adventure/Comedy, Spain), and ‘Blank’ by director Sonia Gómez Filgueira and producer Celia Coca López (Terror/Fantasy, Spain).

For five months, these projects will be tutored by experts with the aim of developing the necessary material to face the animation market. In addition, they will receive a aid of 3,000 euros each to support the maintenance of those selected throughout the training period, while the two projects that are winners of among these six they will be endowed with 25,000 euros each to develop their teaser.

The Selection Committee that has ruled in favor of these six projects has been made up of Daniela Vieira (Netflix), Ines Ramos (Disney Channel & Disney Junior), Manuel Christopher (audiovisual producer and consultant), Paula Taborda dos Guaranys (PGS Entertainment) y Patricia Hidalgo (BBC).

This year, as a novelty, during the event held in San Sebastián, the winning teasers of the previous edition of the MIANIMA program were presented, which were the animated feature film ‘Rock Bottom’ by María Trénor (direction) and Alba Sotorra (production), and that of the animated series ‘Zoey Oceans’ by Carlota Pou (production) and Anna Espinach (screenplay).

It is program is promoted by the association MIA with funding from Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and of the European Union NextGenerationEU. The activity is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, with the collaboration of Egeda’s Netflix.

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