Simon Spies Plads can be scrapped

The controversial Simon Spies Plads in Helsingør may soon end up changing its name.

On Monday, a majority of Helsingør City Council voted, at least to start a process where they will decide what Simon Spies Plads will be called in the future. However, this does not rule out that the square may end up keeping its current name.

This is what Martin Deichmann, head of communications in Helsingør Municipality, tells TV 2 Lorry. He states that 18 out of the city council’s 25 members voted for the proposal.

Ekstra Bladet has gone to Helsingør, closer to Simon Spie’s place, because what do you put up with such a sex offender place?

Elsinore’s residents and mayor make different offers.

What do you do with such a sex offender site? Elsinore’s residents and mayor make different offers.

The city council is totally divided – but the mayor holds firm

The next step in the process is for citizens to submit proposals for what the square should be called – from here it is the municipality’s Town, Planning and Traffic Committee that must decide what the square’s future name will be.

– Often the committee itself takes a position on such matters, but it (the committee, ed.) can, as always, forward the proposal to the city council, which then votes on it, Martin Deichmann elaborates to TV 2 Lorry.

This is one step closer to changing the name of the square at the entrance to Helsingør’s old town, which has been called Simon Spies Plads since 1993.

It happens after several revelations about the long-established businessman.

First, a DR documentary revealed how Simon Spies paid young female employees – mostly under 18 and as young as 15 – to have sex. Berlingske was then able to reveal that Simon Spies – contrary to previous explanations – was an ideologically convinced Nazi.

In connection with the documentary, Simon Spies’ good friend, Carl Bjerredahl, is one of the country’s most discussed men after his involvement. He didn’t quite understand why himself.

Carl Bjerredahl is one of the country’s most discussed men after his participation in DR’s documentary about Simon Spies and subsequent appearances in the media

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