Hospitalized after a bad fall, Post Malone forced to cancel a date of his tour

A few days after his mishap in Saint Louis, the rapper who was on tour in the country in support of his album Twelve Carat Toothache stated he would postpone his performance in Boston.

On September 25, Post Malone was compelled to postpone his concert in Boston due to breathing problems and stabbing sensations that required hospitalization. The 27-year-old rapper who is presently on tour in the United States in support of his album Twelve Carat Toothache released in June 2022 writes on his Twitter account, “I generally wake up around 4:00 p.m., and today I woke up with a cracking sound on the right side of my body.” Every time I move or breathe, I experience severe breathing difficulties. We’re currently in the hospital, but I apologize to my fans since I’m unable to perform tonight due to pain.

Post Malone had an incredible tumble a few days prior, on September 18, as his performance in Saint Louis was coming to a close. The musician was seen fainting in the middle of the stage in the social media video that went viral. He had been taken off stage while wailing in anguish before coming back a while later to finish the performance.

The following day, Sunflower’s interpreter reassured him about his health, saying that his physicians had given him “pain medication” and “everything was good.” On the tour, we can keep kicking ass, he continued. Thus, the singer performed two more dates of his Twelve Carat Tour in Toronto before the discomfort became intolerable.

Post Malone told his fans that he and his crew were working to reschedule the show, for which the tickets already purchased will be valid, after the Boston concert was canceled. For his next concerts on September 27–28 in Cleveland and Pittsburgh, the singer has not yet released any information.

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