Betrayed by his secretary, Michel Jonasz stripped of 398,000 euros

Years of trust abuse by the singer’s former aide included check forgery. On Monday, she was given a sentence of 18 months in prison with a suspension.

The majority of the funds were given to an erratic daughter and her gambling-dependent spouse. According to The Parisian, Michel Jonasz’s former personal assistant was jailed on Monday by a court in Paris for defrauding him of 398,000 euros between 2013 and 2019. The 53-year-old lady in charge of the artist’s finances was given an 18-month suspended prison sentence for breach of trust and money laundering, as well as payment back for the total amount taken.

The defendant, known as Soraya, who was formerly the singer’s secretary and administrative assistant, frequently sent cheques and wire transfers under the artist’s name. Thus, the assistant rounded up her pay, which was then set at 2,400 euros per month, and offered her family trips to Europe and New York. A second aide to the 75-year-old musician discovered his illegal handling of Michel Jonasz’s accounts.

When confronted with the law, Michel Jonasz’s secretary admitted the facts but disagreed with the sums suggested by the magistrate in charge of the case, suggesting a maximum repayment of 150,000 euros. She said that the majority of the money was spent on current expenses. Soraya’s spouse and one of her daughters would not have known what caused her sudden liberal excesses. The assistant was nevertheless told that she had to pay back the 398,000 or else the court would remove her reprieve.

According to the person in question, Michel Jonasz would have initially displayed himself as “quite comprehensive” with his assistance. His former secretary said at the hearing that he would have given the man a week off following the finding of the rose pot. 2019 saw the artist ultimately fire the defendant. A crushing disappointment for the artist who had placed his complete faith in the person he regarded as “a great girl.”

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