Integrates the federal prosecutor’s office denounces for illegal constructions in Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan, Mex., The general director of the Teotihuacan Archaeological Zone (ZAT), Rogelio Rivero Chong, reported that there are currently at least 20 criminal complaints filed for illegal construction, archaeological damage or breach of seals in areas B and C of restriction of the area.

He pointed out that the complaints are in the process of being integrated and investigated by the Specialized Unit for Special Laws of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

It is in the entire Teotihuacan valley, in areas B and C of restriction. They are constructions without the permission of the municipality or the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), with archaeological damage during their work and others due to the breaking of seals for contempt, because they are given a warning and they do not comply and a complaint is filed .

He recalled that one of those complaints is that of the Oztoyahualco property, classified as ZAT restriction area B, where private individuals carried out destruction and looting of archaeological remains for the construction of an ecotourism park without the corresponding permits and that was secured in May 2021 by the FGR.

He pointed out that the federal prosecutor’s office continues with the integration of the investigation file number FED/FECOC/UEIDAPEEMEX/0000051/2021. The 7-hectare property is located about 800 meters from the archaeological circuit.

Rivero Chong affirmed that the INAH carried out an archeology opinion on the damages that were caused in the property and that it is already part of the file.

Rivero Chong stressed that the presence of the National Guard in the vicinity of the ZAT will continue to reinforce surveillance.

We are working on operations with the National Guard during the weekends to control the supply of irregular services and looting. Right now their presence was reduced due to the patriotic celebrations, but in October the operations will be resumed.

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