Emilia Pardo Bazán, Almudena Grandes or Berta Cáceres, protagonists in the 7th edition of the Day of the Writers

The National Library of Spain (BNE), in collaboration with the Clásicas y Modernas association, and the Spanish Federation of Professional Executive and Executive Women and Entrepreneurs (FEDEPE), will celebrate the seventh edition of Women Writers’ Day on October 17, where Emilia Pardo Bazán, Almudena Grandes or the Honduran writer Berta Cáceres, among others, will be honored.

This day will serve to vindicate the work and legacy of women who have written throughout history. This edition, according to the BNE, is curated by the writer Carmen Domingo, and the theme chosen is ‘Before, during and after the wars’.

“From different disciplines they have transmitted their vision to us, despite the fact that some have never published a book. To do this, there will be pens that speak to us face to face about what has been lived without the need for flourishes and that we can feel as if our own voices were speaking to us. mothers, our grandmothers or our friends”, the writer has stated.

The selected texts go beyond national territory and, in addition to praising the figure of Emilia Pardo Bazán, Carmen Martín Gaite, or Almudena Grandes, will also pay tribute to Honduran Berta Cáceres, Mexican Rosario Castellano, Guatemalan Alaíde Foppa or Chilean Angela Jeria.

Thus, the BNE invites to this initiative all the libraries of the Library Cooperation Council, the network of cultural centers of the AECID, the network of libraries of the City Council and the Community of Madrid, the libraries that are part of ABINIA (Association of Ibero-American National Libraries).

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