Three restaurants in the Gorms Pizza chain must close due to rising electricity prices

The rising prices of, among other things, electricity are now causing celebrity chef Gorm Wisweh to turn the key in three of his restaurants.

According to Foodwatch, the chef stated this in a press release.

According to the media, it concerns Gorms Pizza in Roskilde, Kolding and Horsens respectively.

‘We have barely come out of one crisis before a new one has taken over, and the current situation has made clear the need for a reassessment of our previous market strategy. The restaurant industry is affected by the perfect storm with the repayment of corona loans, at the same time as energy and raw material prices have risen sharply’, says Christian Madsen, CEO of Gorms, according to Fødærewatch in the press release.

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Hard time
The decision to close the three restaurants means that there are now just nine restaurants left in the chain nationwide. And it hasn’t been an easy few years for Gorms either.

In recent years, the chain has struggled with red figures on the bottom line. In the financial year 2020, the deficit for Gorms amounted to DKK 14.8 million, while in the most recent accounts it was halved and thus amounted to DKK 7.3 million.

In particular, the long closure of the restaurants in connection with the corona pandemic has taken a toll on the bottom of the coffin. That is why there was also life and happy days when Ekstra Bladet visited Gorm Wisweh in one of the restaurants last year in connection with the reopening.

– I feel as if I have woken up from such a Sleeping Beauty sleep. You’re completely down, and you’re completely apathetic, and all of a sudden it’s just 120 km/h, said the chef in this connection.

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