Con enthusiasm and strength the face-to-face Filah returns; will pay tribute to the historian José María Murià

The historian José María Murià in an interview with The Day, in January 2016.Photo Jose Antonio Lopez

After two years of being held online due to the covid-19 pandemic, they return enthusiastically and empoweredthe face-to-face activities of the International Anthropology and History Book Fair (Filah).

The 33rd edition of the meeting, which will take place from October 6 to 16, promises memorable events, such as the tributes that will be paid to historians Alfredo López Austin (who died on October 15 last year) and José María Murià, columnist of this newspaper and member of the Mexican Academy of Language.

The Tsotsil Leñateros Mayan editorial workshop, winner of the 2021 National Award for Arts and Literature, will also be present with a module, which from San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, where they are based, will bring the best of their production to Mexico City.

The FILH will be held in the central courtyard of the National Museum of Anthropology with the presence of 70 exhibitors, including the government of the state of Mexico, guest of honor at the fair. There will be around 120 activities, including book presentations, talks, workshops for all ages, shows, exhibitions and documentary film screenings.

The theme of the literary meeting, which will also reach the reflection tables, is globalization and resistancewhich will be very interesting, said the director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) Diego Prieto, because “we are at a time when Mexico and all of Latin America are experiencing times of change, renewal and the search for a society fairer, inclusive and plural.

“Faced with the phenomena of globality, we have to claim the dignity, sovereignty, worth of each and every people in the world, so that resistance, that is, the ability to defend our sovereignties and our cultural dignity against the interests often hegemonic, becomes fundamental.

From our trench of reflection, discussion and academia, it is essential to accompany these new times that Latin America is experiencing and fight, as we did at Mondiacult 2022, for a society of peace, inclusion, tolerance and brotherhood among peoples.

Extensive academic career

On Friday, October 7, at 12 noon, the INAH will recognize the career of academic José María Murià (Mexico City, 1942), a specialist in regional history of Western Mexico. The also a writer graduated from the University of Guadalajara and a doctorate from El Colegio de México (1969), in addition to being a researcher, he joined in 1992 as a full member of the Mexican Academy of History, where he later became an emeritus member.

During the 1980s he was general director of Archives, Libraries and Publications of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in addition to being technical secretary of the National Commission Commemorating the Fifth Centenary of the Encounter of Two Worlds. He was also president of El Colegio de Jalisco from 1992 to 2014.

The topics that he has worked on the most are: the history of Guadalajara, of Jalisco, its limits and divisions, its historians, colonial historians, charrería and tequila. In 1982 he published the History of Jalisco of four volumes that he directed, and in 2017 one of six was published.

In 2011 he received the decoration of the Order of Isabel La Católica by the government of Spain, in 2012 he was appointed doctor Honorary by the Autonomous University of Baja California and was awarded the Jalisco Prize for Letters. In 2016 he became a corresponding member of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans and in 2018 he was appointed a member of the Academia Mexicana de la Lengua. Recently, he has become interested in Mexican foreign policy in France during World War II and aid to refugees in that country.

Posthumously, in addition to the tribute to Alfredo López Austin, the 33 Filah will remember the archaeologist Pedro Francisco Sánchez Nava (1951-2022), as well as the anthropologists Raquel Padilla Ramos (1967-2019) and Mercedes Olivera Bustamante (1934-2022). .

There will be several online activities, especially during the academic colloquiums that will take place in the context of the fair. The virtual presentations will be broadcast on the INAHTV YouTube channel. The complete program can be consulted at

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