We follow the Kardashian family closely, and before it was Twitter and Instagram that kept us deep in the loop, the reality show “The Kardashian Family” (E!) Was our main source of information about the intriguing family. Last weekend aired the reunion episode of the show, which came to an end after no less than 20 seasons, and the girls of the family talked about all the most intriguing issues very honestly.

At the beginning of the union Kim was asked about her iconic sex tape, which leaked in 2007 and made Kim the most talked about issue on the net. “Do you think the series would have been a dizzying success if the sex tape had not been leaked?”, The presenter asked her, to which she replied, “In retrospect, probably not. “And so many years have passed, that it really erases it. It all happens for a reason and everything has a lesson.”

Kylie was later asked about her makeup brand, and admitted that her fondness for makeup began because of insecurity. “My love for makeup started because of the insecurity I felt on my lips. I didn’t think about it until my first kiss,” she said. “The guy I was with said to me, ‘You kiss well, but you have small lips like that.’

Another issue that came up in the reunion episode is the well-publicized relationship between Courtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, who broke up in 2015 after ten years of marriage and three children together. Scott has struggled over the years with the problem of alcohol addiction, and the issue has been aired more than once in long and talked-about episodes of the series. Now, while he and Courtney are in a new relationship, the episode host asked Scott the golden question. “Do you think you would have stayed if Courtney if you had managed to stay sober?”, Scott was asked, and replied, “Yes.” When Courtney was asked if the situation was the same with her, she replied, “Probably yes.”

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