The model has been fined in court for the second time in a short time

Drive a car when you drive a car

This is what the advice from the Council for Safe Traffic sounds like – an advice that model and influencer Mathilde Gøhler has obviously taken to heart.

The 30-year-old model was caught talking on a hand-held mobile phone and therefore had to appear in Copenhagen City Court on Tuesday.

The case has been scheduled several times in the past, where Gøhler has not appeared. The first time was in May, and again in October this year she did not come to the court hearing.

– I can confirm that Mathilde Gøhler has not met, and as far as I know we have not received a medical certificate, the judge said in October.

The third time was not the time either, when the model and the mother of two of Remee’s daughters appeared to give her statement in front of a judge. Instead, a witness appeared in court. It was the officer who had stopped Gøhler with his hand on his mobile phone on Gothersgade in Indre By in Copenhagen.

The officer could tell that the model had then admitted his crime.

Mathilde Gøhler was fined 1,500 kroner and banned from driving. It is not the first time she has been caught with her phone in her hand while driving.

This means that Mathilde Gøhler can only get behind the wheel of a car again when she has undergone compulsory training and passed a theory and driving test.

Fine of 40,000
It is the second time in a short time that Mathilde Gøhler is involved in a court case.

In October, she was sentenced in the court in Lyngby to pay a fine of DKK 40,000 for having carried out hidden advertising on her profile on Instagram.

Mathilde Gøhler convicted: Must pay a fine of DKK 40,000

The indictment contained 21 different postings from the model’s profile, which the consumer ombudsman did not believe were sufficiently marked as advertising.

In the posts, Mathilde Gøhler had tagged or mentioned companies such as Dior, Celine, Chanel, Kopenhagen Fur, Copenhagen Bike Company and Gina Tricot, among others, without informing her 1.3 million. followers on Instagram that the posts had a commercial interest.

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