Actor, screenwriter and director Jens Arentzen died on Tuesday after being ill with cancer. He lived to be 64 years old.

The family informs Ritzau.

Arentzen really became known when he took on the role of the young Ulrik Varnæs in the TV classic ‘Matador’.

After ‘Matador’, Jens Arentzen became a big hit with the role of Jens Okking’s young partner, criminal assistant Steen Dahl, in the series ‘Een gang strømer …’.

Throughout the 1980s and 90s, he had strong supporting roles in, among others, ‘Midt om natten’, ‘Ballerup Boulevard’ and ‘Hip, Hip Hurrah!’.

Later, Jens Arentzen ventured into the director’s role, where he made his debut in 1995 with the TV film ‘Lille John’, and in 2000 he received a Robert for his short film ‘Solen er so rød’.

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Difficult childhood
In recent years, he has taught and given lectures about both his difficult childhood and about his achievements in the world of film and TV series.

He is behind ‘The Actor’s Tools’ from 2001, which are four 30-minute films about acting technique. The work was also published as a book in 2002.

Arentzen grew up in a home with a mentally ill and alcoholic mother and a withdrawn father. It left a special mark on the young Arentzen.

– If you come from a home where the world can end with death, you become very responsive: How do the footsteps sound in the hallway? How does my father put the key in the door?

– You become overly attentive to others, and I work a lot with that. Because if you feel others a lot, the person you are worst at feeling is yourself, he told Kristeligt Dagblad in 2014.

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In 2019, he published the book ‘Barnet, Byen og Verden’, which is a debate book about contemporary overlooked destinies.

The book was an attempt to focus on the people who walk around feeling wrong.

– When my older brother and I turned up at the hospital without knowing whether our mother was alive or not, we were greeted with ‘Well, you’ve got a football. That is lovely’. We came down there with terror and sorrow, but no one saw us. I encountered a total fear of touch. Today, our society still does not dare approach the sad, which can otherwise be healing. There is a culture that we do not interfere, he told Politiken in connection with the publication.

In 2013, Jens Arentzen hosted the program series ‘Erkkendengens time’ on DR2, where he interviewed people who had grown up in dysfunctional families or under strong psychological pressure.

Arentzen is survived by a daughter and two grandchildren.

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