“Just like I am the one that many people hate from Spanish cinema”

Juan Diego Botto stars ‘I don’t like driving’,the new original TNT production that is also the first series created by Borja Cobeaga. The San Sebastian filmmaker, who cataloged a few days ago on social networks of “nightmare” go see the documentary by Fernando León de Aranoa about Joaquín Sabina at the cinema,has presented the fiction, which premieres This Friday, November 25 at 10:00 p.m.in Madrid together with its protagonists and He has once again reaffirmed his phobia for the singer-songwriter from Úbeda.

It is as if someone says: ‘Who do you hate in Spanish cinema? Well, Borja Cobeaga’“, explained the director and screenwriter in an interview with Europa Press, using himself as an example of a figure who, like Sabina, does not have to be liked by everyone.

And, in fact, in ‘Pagafantas’, one of his most famous films, the protagonist hates Enrique Bunbury… but the original idea was for his musical nemesis to be Joaquín Sabina. “The idea of ​​putting a song of his in my film killed me, although the script was read and I know that he found it funny. What I put on Twitter has nothing to do with his latest statements, this comes from much earlier, “qualifies Cobeaga.”In fact, Diego San José wrote a musical about Sabina with David Serrano and I had to go see it and I took a biodramina before”sentences the actor on this issue.

Living up to his title, ‘I don’t like driving’ He follows in the footsteps of Pablo Lopetegui (Botto), a somewhat grumpy and grumpy university professor who decides to get his driver’s license at the age of 40. “I met Borja and he told me: ‘Well, I have a series about a 45-year-old man who wants to get his driver’s license…’ and an ellipsis“, explains the actor when referring to the origin of his link with the production, made up of six episodes of approximately half an hour each.

“But I read the script and I loved it, it’s an apparently very simple series but full of many things that happen underneath and that are very well told,” adds Botto. “I had a feeling that With such a minimal premise, many things could actually be counted, and everyone has had a relationship with the driving school, whether or not they have a license: They are like the new military warfare “, supports Cobeaga who sees that” there are possibilities within that microuniverse of the driving school “to continue with the series in the future as long as the public responds.

‘I don’t like driving’ it is, in fact, based on the Basque director’s own experience, who also got his driver’s license as an adult. “I think the moment I decided I didn’t want to take it off was when we spent an hour in my father’s car to park in the center of Bilbao“, comments Cobeaga. “I kept thinking: ‘If we had come by bus, we would already be home,'” adds the director of the series with a laugh, who, as he already did with the Juancarlitros of ‘No controles’ or the Rubén of the aforementioned ‘Pagafantas’, has in the secondary character of the driving school teacher, Lorenzo played by David Lorente,and in his verbal incontinence one of his great attractions and comic assets.

This fiction represents Cobeaga’s premiere as a creator on the small screen, and covers a more specific theme that is far removed, although always under the banner of costumbrismo, from the usual standards of his projects. “Making a comedy that was not about the Basque conflict seemed like a novelty to me,although I have made a joke about ETA”, confirms Cobeaga with a laugh, who also regrets that series, unlike films, are not shown in cinemas. “A comedy is better comedy with an audience, and it is less funny if you watch it alone at home. Also, this series lasts less than ‘Drive my car’, the Japanese movie“, the director ends sarcastically.

Together with Botto and Lorente, ‘I don’t like driving’ has in its cast names like Leonor Watling, Lucía Caraballo, Marta Larralde and Eugenia Cuaresma and with special appearances by Carlos Areces and Javier Camara. The series will see the light of day with a double episode on Friday, November 25 at 10 p.m. on TNT.

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