Miitta Sorvali plays a role that will go down in history in the new work of the creators of the Siskonpeti series

It is easy for every viewer to identify with the Dear Children series, which depicts sibling relationships.

“Edwin, Noora, Kaisa, Elina and the biggest disappointment, Mari.”

This is exactly how to inject Miitta Sorvalin presented by a mother in her child’s favorite order in the new Dear children in the comedy series. The mother, writer Regina Vallas, is recovering from a cerebral infarction, which is why the adult daughters have rushed to their childhood home and gathered around her sick bed.

Boring children doesn’t stop there. Mother thinks that Mari makes unpleasant food, Noora’s chin has appeared under her chin, and Elina’s previous husband was a real man compared to the current one.

At the gates of death while visiting, mother has also realized that there is no time to waste. He is no longer going to write a single part of his successful children’s book series, but a “stunning and shocking” revelation novel about his own experiences.

“About a mother’s love and a mother’s work, which never ends. The four of you can see what the end result is if a mother doesn’t intervene enough in her daughters’ lives,” he declares.

Miitta Sorvali plays a role in the series that is looking for its equal.


From the Siskonpeti series the premise of the new comedy series by familiar actors is exhilarating. In beloved children adult children are anything but dear to a self-centered mother, but in all her awfulness and cruelty, the character of Regina’s mother seems to be a trifle to the stereotypical always-sacrificing mother.

Jo Siskonbedin many kinds of parents have been seen in the sketches. Who could forget Pirjo Heikkilän a modest mother who didn’t want to make a number of herself and didn’t agree to sit with the rest of the family at the dining table, but retreated to the kitchen cupboard with her plate? Or a mother whose hand froze on Christmas tree-picking trip, but who still wanted to whip cream and got angry when she got a present from her daughter.

On the other hand In Siskonpedi we also met mothers who present a wonderful life on social media, but scream at children who interrupt them (Niina Lahtinen) and parents who get angry in the store when they only get three cans each on booze day.

Dear ones children The themes of the series are therefore familiar from the previous works of the group of authors.

But how from Finland’s best comedians Pirjo Heikkilä, Niina Lahtisen, From Krisse Salmi and Sanna from Stellan is the transition from short sketches to a drama series smooth? Will the character arcs of the sisters they portray grow from a sketch character based on one characteristic to become more versatile?

After the first five episodes, you can say that they have time.

Sister bed-fans start to smile as soon as Lahtinen utters his first line as the overly caring and self-sacrificing Marina at around the minute mark. But even though each sibling is introduced through their own quirk, as the series progresses, other traits begin to be found in all of them. Siskonbedin compared to sketches, the power of expression has been cleverly calculated, so there is no danger of being too flattering.

Heikkilä’s doctor is an inhibited intellectual nerd, Salminen’s scheming sister is a skittish who tries to keep the scenes of her life up. Elina, played by Stellan, on the other hand, is a lovely yoga nerd and a flirt, in Lahtinen’s sister Mari, the viewer recognizes the responsibility bearer that belongs to each sibling.

Each of them is going through their own life crisis, from which they relax on the sauna boards with “a couple of hips”.

And who wouldn’t you be interested in family relationships? It’s easy to make fun of siblings, and it’s easy for every viewer to identify with sibling relationships – after all, they are the longest human relationships. At the beginning of the series, we immediately argue about which of the sisters is left to watch over and take care of the wild mother, whose career is the most important and which of the siblings can put up with their mother the best.

Dear children I guess it catches the eye Atte Järvinen for a successful streak Sunday lunchwhose initial layout was very similar. At Sunday lunch grown children gathered once a week at their father’s place. And just like In beloved childrenthe children’s task was to try to restrain their parent, who has realized the limitations of his life and decided to make the most of his last years.

In beloved children however, sisters are the majority. Only brother, mother’s toy (Joonas Nordman), cannot even be seen properly in the first episodes of the series.

In that sense, the series continues In Siskonpedi on the created line: men are in supporting roles in the productions of these authors and support female roles. They are husbands, exes and fathers of children who flash in the background and are given instructions on the phone.

Series Has directed Anna Dahlmanwho has also written the series together with Lahtinen and Anna Brotkin with.

Dahlman and the Actors have already collaborated In Siskonpedi, which is also reflected in the final result. It is not easy to write comedy, which is considered a light genre, because timing and rhythm are of primary importance.

However, Dahlman and Brotkin are good at it, if only a few – after all, they have been making many acclaimed comedies, including the highly popular Adultsseries.

Dear children, TV1 at 20:00 and Yle Areena.

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