The wonderful oblivion, compilation of 31 unpublished poems by Rodolfo Usigli

the wonderful oblivion, which brings together 31 unpublished poems and manuscripts by Rodolfo Usigli, shows the lyrical facet of the renowned playwright. The title was finished printing on November 17, the day of the 117th anniversary of the author of The gesticulator.

In interview with The ConferenceLavinia Usigli Casas, daughter of the writer, recounted that the book originated from her desire to find among her father’s legacy something smaller, simpler. I found that there were several poems in a box and I began to select them and sent them to Ediciones Odradek.

He stressed that he loved the idea of ​​having his handwritten lyrics published. My dad wrote everywhere, not only on the napkins, but also on paper that he had on hand. He fascinated me how he crossed out and rewritten. We have been working on this since September 2021.

He reported that the heirs are in negotiations with the Economic Culture Fund, which will publish next year trial of a crime y The gesticulator, but we need my dad’s to be more popular, not just for specialists. Political works are interesting for people to learn about that Mexico that is now being purged. Wait.

the keeper

Usigli Casas recalled that most of Rodolfo Usigli’s archive is at the University of Miami, in Oxford, Ohio. When he died, he left behind tons of boxes. Everything my father kept was impressive and for years he was carrying his manuscripts.

When he reviewed the documents that he still has, “I saw that there were poems by my father. I have the book published by UNAM, with a prologue by José Emilio Pacheco (the collection of poems Time and memory in desperate conversation). I wanted to look for something smaller, simpler”.

He stated that he liked the cover of the wonderful oblivion with a photo from my 14-year-old father in the San Juan de Letrán neighborhood, in the Center, because my father began to write very young. He was born with the gift, the character of a writer ”.

The title comes from the sonnet that begins with: Oblivion is wonderful, / it is a state of purity / in which an angel cleanses / from our boredom to our joy.

The poems the wonderful oblivion includes photographs and facsimiles of Rodolfo Usigli, whose intelligence and wisdom were superior, says his daughter Lavinia Usigli Casas. In the image, included in the work, the Mexican playwright in 1967.Photo Courtesy Odradek

Lavinia Usigli said that “now that I have given myself this time to review the writings and documents, there is a lot of relevant information. In a chronology that my father published there are many errors that I discovered thanks to his writings.

My father’s intelligence and wisdom were superior. So, I understand the envy. He did a great cultural work. It is not known, but not only did I write for him, as many did, my father thought about what we needed in the country.

In that sense, The moment we are living in, everything our President is doing and the issue of corruption have led me to reread my father’s work, because years ago he described what politicians and their big businesses were like. The dialogues are long but they tell many truths.

Marco Antonio Cuevas, editorial coordinator of Odradek, explained that the wonderful oblivion It includes photographs of Usigli and facsimiles, because many were poems written by himself on loose sheets or hotel letterheads.

The theme, continued the editor, is very varied, as it brings together poems dated between the 1930s and the 1970s. Organized into two large sections: the first with the typewritten texts of the diplomat, and the other with the manuscripts, which are mostly sonnets and with some drawings.

He has several poems that he dedicated to friends that, as a diplomat, he met in South America; for example, Rubén Darío. Songs and sonnets. He addresses themes of poetic creation that, Lavinia tells us, he wrote during his travels. Some she did not compile because she considered that they were more everyday and she did not consider them poetic.

In the second part it has more variety in terms of themes, but the poetic work abounds, of how he sees himself as a poet. In contrast to dramaturgy, for which he is best known, his poetic work is prolific, but not as widely known. There is that vein of transcendental themes together with the other of more everyday life, with friendships, trips, things that he sees. Usigili made a selection of those poems, although he did not intend to publish them anywhere..

the poems the wonderful oblivion It can be purchased through the Facebook page of the independent publisher Odradek.

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