Nicolai Zobel has put his two-storey penthouse up for sale, for which he hopes to get DKK 15 million

Now it must be sold.

For Nicolai Zobel, who is the son of Peter and Henriette Zobel, has put his two-storey penthouse on Østerbro’s Strandpromenade up for sale.

It says SE and HØR.

27-year-old Nicolai Zobel has owned the penthouse for the past four years, and the apartment has a view of Øresund. Rigmandssønnen bought the newly built 125 square meters for DKK 11 million back in 2018.

Now he hopes to sell the expensive penthouse for a good 15 million kroner.

Huge million investment
It is not the first time that Nicolai Zobel has been linked with many millions of kroner.

Because in September 2021, he bought – also according to SE & HØR – a summer house in North Zealand’s Villingebæk, located between Hornbæk and Gilleleje, for nothing less than DKK 18.8 million.

The summer house has 150 square meters with five rooms and a plot of 938 square meters with access to the beach. The summer house was built back in 1978 and was sold for DKK 11.4 million in spring 2020.

So the price of the summer house has since increased by 7.4 million kroner.

Huge legacy
Business manager and landowner Peter Zobel, who had a total of six children, made sure that none of them would lack anything after his death back in 2017.

He left them a holding company with an equity capital of DKK 38.7 million as well as some properties, one of which was sold at the end of 2020 for a staggering DKK 150 million.

Previously, it appeared in the accounts for the holding company that the four Zobel children, Alexander, Caroline, Nicolai and Sarah, chose to withdraw DKK 95 million in dividends in 2020, which corresponds to just under DKK 24 million each, if they have chose to share the proceeds equally.

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