They celebrate the vital figure and the prodigious poetic voice of Antonia Robles Aragón

The vital figure and the prodigious poetic voice of Antonia Robles Aragón were commemorated on Tuesday night at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, with a posthumous tribute to the creator who died on July 25. There it was requested that the writer’s work be collected and edited.

Janette Francisco Robles highlighted the marvelous nature of her mother’s collections of poems, which “shaded with luminous words, describe endless natural landscapes, worlds of flowers loaded with color, others with exquisite flavors, emotional landscapes with incredible sensations.

You show us with subtleties, codes and symbols contained in your poetry. You give us the task of being able to decipher them. You transport us to another dimension, to other times, without leaving aside the mystical, the divine, the spiritual. Poetry where only you can say it all. Then he read a small sample of his mother’s poetic legacy.

Thanks to the poet, writer, composer, daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, friend; my Oaxacan, my mother, for being present at this tribute in your honor for your career and the great legacy you have left in the world of the arts, especially literature.

In the evening hosted by Leticia Luna, head of the National Literature Coordination, the simple and emotional writing, the generosity of the Oaxacan creator, her open smile and the ability to heal others became evident, in the posthumous tribute marked with the constant applause for the unrepeatable life and work of Robles Aragón (Nachihuí, Sola de Vega, Oaxaca, 1958).

In his speech, the journalist Pablo Espinosa said: “Saying Antonia Robles Aragón is the same as pronouncing the word ‘poetry’. She poetry her look, her smile, her joyful steps, her transit through life. Her presence at this moment and always ”.

He referred to the human side of the author of a forceful work: he is a magnet of goodness, such a good person that he is angelic. Loved by all, recognized for her work, her commitment and her great generosity. Thank you very much Antonia.

When she passed away, recalled the head of the Culture section of this newspaper, “we said: ‘One of ours has left’, because she is from home, she is from The Conference also”. She recalled that in an interview, Antonia Robles Aragón regretted that in the pandemic the face of children it has hardened and they see us from afar as if we had stopped loving them or we had forbidden them to love each other.

After stating that the moon tonight, I think it’s Antoniathe poet Iván Leroy declaimed a heartfelt poem in honor of the author of wet light.

The reading of three poems by Antonia Robles Aragón was also developed, by the young women Suri Gabriela Pérez Monroy, Naomí Caballero Díaz and Erika Nicole Francisco Zúñiga.

The poet Aura María Vidales, who met Antonia Robles 30 years ago, said: “I don’t know how to mourn Antonia. I never imagined that you would leave so soon. How could you cry if, in exchange for the multiple desolations of human existence, you gave us back your frank laughter. You have remained the champion of the moment, of the drizzle and of the rays of the Sun.

The lady of the independent pen, the interpreter of your astonishments in perfect verses for its simplicity. In the face of pain, the owner of the prayers in front of the dripping serum. And in your poems the various positions of eroticism and love, sung by a woman. We hope that soon some instance of the Oaxaca government will publish your complete work.

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