Adele was asked about her love life

Adele is one of our favorite stars in the world egg, and next week she will take another significant step in her career when she releases her new album, “30.” Just before the exciting launch, Adele was interviewed by a reputed magazine, and answered all the hottest issues

In the coming days Adele will release her new album to the world, and until that happens we are in constant anticipation for this year’s exciting musical event. Now the beautiful star did a celebratory cover interview for Rolling Stone magazine, and talked about all the most interesting issues.

Adele, who last summer launched her sparkling new relationship with athlete agent Rich Paul, spoke in an interview about her dating life since her divorce from the ex, Simon Conky. “I survived exactly five seconds in dating,” she laughed. “You can ‘t arrange for me to * * Blaine Date! I was just like,’ How will this work? ‘

The beautiful star told about her close friendships with star Nicole Richie and Jennifer Lawrence. “They made me more human,” she said. “I always avoided talking to people who were famous because I felt like I was not famous. I felt British. Ethan I never talked about work, which is amazing. Most of the time when I talk to people they just want to hear about my work, but I do not want to talk about it. Can we talk about other things? ”

Another Adele revealed that before he started recording her new album, “30”, she did a therapeutic session with a psychologist for about six hours. “It set me free,” she said. “If the album had not come out now, I think he would not have come out alive. I would probably have changed my mind and said ‘let’s move on to the next album.’ He deserves to come out.”

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