Jackie Azoulay’s dirty mouth did not calm down: Many will say that the move of Strauss glow Cause the dismissal of Buzaglo fan In the tribe edition of VIP Survival Which aired last night (Saturday) on Network 13, was wrong, because he acted completely the opposite of what he had planned, and actually shot himself in the foot. Many would argue that in the coming dismissals he may have put himself in real danger. I’m not sure.

Although I did not do all the mathematical calculations for the equation “who comes next in line for dismissal”, but one way or another, everyone in the alliance, strong as it may be, is in danger of being dismissed. It could very well be that if Strauss had postponed the move of ousting Maayan Ashkenazi for the next time, it would also have been to his detriment, and in any case he would have been among the less accepted and therefore easier to oust.

Lia, Yonatan and Zohar Strauss, Survival (Photo: 13 screenshot)

How did Buzaglo say about Strauss that he is not smart? time will tell. It may be proven that Strauss’ choice to oust a fan at this stage of the game was the right one. In survival nothing is certain, especially when the production constantly changes the narrative as it pleases and causes last-minute revolutions and changes. Anyway, I personally think Zohar is intelligent and smart. Evidence of this is his rich world of images, such as the nickname “Central Station Children” that will enter as a language coin into the Book of Chronicles of Survival.

I’m afraid that according to what’s expected in the following episodes, Strauss’s situation is not going to be a warning because he will tell his friends in the tribe: “I’m going to piss you off if I tell you what I know about Kobe.” Do not go down to a low level with threats of this kind of exposing personal information about someone else solely for the sake of revenge. Inappropriate and inappropriate.

In any case, I felt much more uncomfortable not necessarily from Strauss’ fickle move, but more from the beautification and piety of some of the characters. Dudu Awat Who announces early in the morning and evening that he is a person who believes in people and believes in them, and some values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are important to him and blah blah blah, announces in the Tribal Council that Strauss is “the most hated man in the country.” And on what basis do you say that? Did you contact Geva to conduct a survey on the subject? I’m already informing you that at least in my name you did not speak. To me, Zohar Strauss is an interesting and valuable figure no less, and perhaps more, than some of the characters there on the island.

Dudu Awat, from Dudu Awat, from “Survival” (Photo: Screenshot from Network 13)

Jonathan is not without beautification either. Everyone disappointed him because they had betrayed Maayan, a friend of his alliance. Who will hear, a real betrayal of the homeland. Maybe he should look us in the eye and say simply that she did not betray the alliance that angered or disappointed him, like hurting someone who is rumored to have had an affair with her on the beach. Jonathan’s loyalty to Maayan is commendable, but what did he think? That people will not try to deceive and try to save their skin in the game, as long as not to hurt his delicate and sensitive soul and the love story he embroidered on the beach? To wake up.

And last but not least Jackie Azoulay, Who raises her eyes to his uncle as if he were Baba Sally and the spiritual supreme leader of the group. Buzaglo called her “the landlady,” according to which he would say anything. Apologies, but when a landlady compares one of her tenants to “herpes” as she called Buzaglo, they will not continue to live under her roof for long. I would expect Sagi Zo-Eretz, as the host of the program, to wake them up and ask them to stop personal insults of the most inferior kind.

Jackie Azoulay, Maayan Ashkenazi from Jackie Azoulay, Maayan Ashkenazi from “Survival” (Photo: Screenshot from “Survival”)

Buzaglo was expelled from the game and Azoulay, who could not keep her mouth shut for even a second, happily blurted out to Eid: “Jacob, the boy is coming home.” And I ask: what has Father Buzaglo got to do with the whole story? And why even involve the parents of one contestant or another? Jackie forgot how much she apologized when she called Lia “junk mom,” knowing that Lia’s children were watching the show. So why mix family again in the cauldron?

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