Although Travis Barker recently celebrated his 46th birthday and Courtney Kardashian her 42nd birthday, the two show a loving relationship of two curious boys. Now, in a new video circulated on the networks, the two have even raised their own bar

Since their exciting engagement about a month ago, we have all been looking forward to the wedding of Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. The two have been dating for less than a year, but in recent months they have bombarded the networks with quite a few pictures in love, exaggerated posts and particularly hot videos. If you thought the engagements would make the two downshift – now they are proving to us that the opposite is true.

The couple in love came to the wedding of close friends (who are not Paris Hilton and Carter Reum), and uploaded quite a few photos and videos in love from the exciting event. In one of the videos that came our way, Courtney and Travis showed off their best as Kurt did a juicy lap dance to her satisfied partner.

In the video, Kurt sits on her partner’s feet, and naturally jumps up and down. Travis held Courtney by the buttocks, looking at her in love. We’ll mention that Travis just celebrated his 46th birthday and Courtney her 42nd birthday, but that doesn’t stop the two from behaving like a couple in love in their teens.

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