Bradley Cooper and Irina Schick were photographed

Last summer rumors surfaced about an affair between Irina Schick and Kenya West but we remained loyal to the relationship with Bradley Cooper and waited for new developments. Here they came: Yesterday across Manhattan the divorced couple was photographed holding hands

Bradley Cooper and Irina Schick were the most beloved couple in the global swamp, until they suddenly broke up somewhere in June 2019. Since then our hopes for a historic comeback have only grown, and now, in their new photos from the streets of New York – the hopes have been met.

Bradley and Irina were photographed walking together in Manhattan, during which Irina held the arm of her ex-partner. Irene wore a white button-down shirt and a large black coat, and Bradley kept a casual, rather dark look. The two marched in perfect coordination around the city (without their common daughter in the area), and looked like a couple for all intents and purposes.

As you may recall, last summer rumors surfaced about a new and exciting affair between Irina and Kenya West, which is in the midst of a divorce proceeding from founder Kardashian. The two were photographed together on a romantic vacation in France, but after about two months around the two made it clear that the matter had come to an end.

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