The Hollywood star will participate in a film based on a play by Anat Gov.

The Hollywood actress Andie MacDowell Expected to star in the female cast of a new British film to be called My Happy Ending Based on the Israeli play “Suf Tov” by Anat Gov, which took the stage in Israel a decade ago, the “Dead Line Magazine” in the UK reported today (Wednesday). Also starring in the film are Miriam Margolis, (Age of Innocence, Harry Potter), Sally Phillips, Tom Cullen and Michelle Greenidge.

McDowell was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her participation in “Four Weddings and One Funeral” in 1994. She will play in the new film the character of a Hollywood star who finds herself in a room in a British hospital along with three other women. McDowell is currently starring in the original Netflix series Maid, Alongside Margaret Cavalli.

As you may recall, the play “A Happy Ending” was written 10 years ago by Anat Gov, who later died of cancer. The plot of the play tells the story of the life of Gov who had to deal with the malignant disease. In the original play, the actress starred Anat Waxman.

My Happy Ending It is an Israeli / British co-production that brings together producers Talia Kleinhandler and Osnat Handelsman-Keren. The film will be directed by Sharon Maimon and Tal Granit. “Andy McDowell’s ability to combine deep emotion and vulnerability with comedy made her the perfect choice for this role,” the film production said. “We could not have been more excited to work with her and this wonderful cast,” they added in the production.

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