The Union of Actors and Actresses has expressed his “strongest condemnation” on any discrimination against women based on sex, as well as its support for comedians who have been affected by the “discrimination“from the statements made from the Madrid room La Chocita del Loro.

Specific, the union criticizes the “attacks” against the comedians made by the programmer and the manager of La Chocita del Loro in recent days who, in his opinion, “also show a complete ignorance of Spanish comedy“.

In a statement, the Union of Actors and Actresses has made reference to the fact that the Madrid room accuse, in a generic tone, women of starring in a “victimist” and “too feminist” humor.

“From La Chocita del Loro they try to justify the almost total absence of women in their shows, turning humor into a quality of men with respect to which women still need ‘a year or two to catch up’“, lamented the union.

In his opinion, these arguments start from “a generalist premise according to which women, simply because they are, would have a specific and homogeneous humor”. “This string of sexist and discriminatory arguments normalizes the lack of commitment on the part of society to equality; as if women should assume and tolerate the machismo of others when exercising and guiding our profession, “he has sentenced.

Along the same lines, the union has added that the “attacks” against the comedians from the room “show a lack of knowledge of Spanish comedy”: “We live in a country of extraordinary comedians that throughout the decades have accompanied us, showing that they are not even half a step behind their peers in the ability to make people laugh.“.

“And this is extensible to absolutely all the acting qualities capable of producing feelings in the public that go beyond laughter. It is not necessary for anyone to give us women ‘one or two years’ to learn to move, to make people cry, to make people laugh, because we have been doing it for a long time“, the union concluded.

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