– The ranking of the best-selling books in the Feltrinelli stores presents Jovanotti’s “Jova Beach Coloring” at the top for the second week in a row. It is a coloring book that allows you to relive the experience of the Jova Beach Club, the mega tour by Jovanotti that characterized the summer of 2019, the last one before the Covid explosion, a real “coloring party” to which Lorenzo Jovanotti and Sergio Pappalettera invited a group of illustrators and artists.

Everyone has decided to be there, from Dowggy to Davide Toffolo, from Radiocomandero to Blackcap, and from their tables a game was born where the lines drawn in black and white invite us to cross new borders and project us towards the summer of 2022, where dance, rhythm, intoxication and the energy of a new Jova Beach Party await us.

Confirmations also in second position where we find “How long is Christmas? The Advent Calendar of Emotions ”by Barbara Franco, a very special Advent calendar; day after day the proposed activities will be an excellent starting point to talk about emotions and help the child to develop a rich emotional vocabulary, learning to identify with greater awareness what he feels and to get in touch with his own inner world and with that of others.

He reaches the lowest step of the podium “For nothing in the world” by Ken Follett, the latest book of the king of adventures on paper, a work that marks a change of course with respect to his historical novels.

Set in the present day, it tells of a global crisis that threatens to lead to World War III, leaving the reader uncertain until the last page.

They complete the top ten “Changing the water to flowers” ​​by Valérie Perrin, “Botanical Cuisine. Vegetable, easy, fast “by Carlotta Perego,” Achille’s song “by Madeline Miller,” A new life “by Fabio Volo,” Three floors “by Eshkol Nevo,” L ‘Arminuta “by Donatella Di Pietrantonio and” Il Maialino of Christmas ”by JK Rowling.

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