A month has passed since the season of VIP survival began, and so far we have managed to say goodbye to only three players – Henry David, Ohad Buzaglo and now also Maayan Ashkenazi. While the first two brought their dismissal on themselves, mostly because of the mouth, Maayan was the one who paid the price for her connection to Jackie and his uncle. Maayan came up to the challenge against Gadi in order to take revenge, exactly where Zohar Strauss was last season, and just like him, the contender she marked as the weakest – was the one who ousted her.

In general, in the last few episodes, Gadi begins to appear as a serious mastermind. 180 degrees the opposite of the stupid kid character you get most of the time when you watch him. Gadi does not rest on his laurels from Maayan’s dismissal, he realizes that the power relations in the tribe are not yet in his favor and throws Kobe Maor without blinking under the wheels of the bus where Jackie drives.

I’ve written before – Kobe’s conduct from day one was in its infancy and now it could very well be that he will pay the price for the zigzag. Despite this, Kobe is a talented theater actor, if there is anyone who can convince Jackie, Dudu and Jonathan that despite everything he will go with them no matter what – it’s Kobe. And yet, I would not be in a hurry to disqualify Jackie and Gaddy’s collaboration. Still, it’s about survival and sometimes there is no choice but to oust someone close, so you can continue as far as possible.

Jackie Azoulay in the Tribal Council, from “Survival” (Photo: screenshot from Network 13)

If there is anyone who can cooperate with the rival alliance and still receive forgiveness from his uncle and Jonathan, it is the Apollo leader. If one of the two boys had tried such a move, he would have been next in line to go, but not Jackie, for her it is not “betrayal of the covenant,” but “strategic thinking.” This is how it is when what is allowed to the circus director is not necessarily allowed to the monkeys.

And if we have already mentioned a circus, can we talk for a moment about the circus that viewers do for us in each episode anew? Each episode gets a promo as if it is at the World Cup final minimum, and if that’s not enough, then each episode must contain a certain quota of tears. Someone in the editing room must come to their senses and understand what they understood in their pajamas a decade ago – if every episode is a special episode, then no episode is a special episode.

This time it was the tropical storm on its way to reach the islands on which the survivors reside. I do not think for a moment that in the production they will endanger the contestants, and they did well to evacuate them, but between what was in the promo and what was in the episode? A whole ocean of disappointment. Instead of the drama promised for the umpteenth time, we received DHL shipments, two Friday meals and a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtears that could fill the swamp to which the tribes moved until the rage of the storm passed.

Apolaki Tribe Crying, VIP Survival (Photo: Network Screenshot 13)Apolaki Tribe Crying, VIP Survival (Photo: Network Screenshot 13)

Finally, a brief reference to Zohar Strauss. Last season he was sacked with such utter surprise that he felt obligated to return this year. Judging by the little we saw from Monday’s episode, Jackie’s plan (or at least the part of it we were privileged to see) is to put him to sleep as Asi Buzaglo did, so that he will wake up once more in the cabin. If that happens – Strauss will be marked as one of the candidates for the title of “the worst survivor” of the format in Israel. There is no shame in being ousted by surprise once, but if Zohar manages to fall into the same trap a second time, there is no going back.

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