“Time Skill Cycle”: A generic fantasy series with a budget of $ 100 million

The locations are beautiful but the computerized effects suck; The actors are handsome but not particularly memorable, and the story – which is based on a series of books with millions of fans – is quite sweeping but looks a bit outdated today, after the “Game of Thrones” revolution. In other words, “time skill” is not bad, but right now it just is not good enough

Hard, hard in recent years with all the fantasy series flooding the screens. They look great, for the most part, thanks to the huge budgets heaped on them; They build a spectacular and meticulous world, unfold before their viewers epic stories of the war of the sons of light against the sons of darkness, and as young, charismatic and attractive young bands as possible to close the matter. How can such a deal be refused?

But in the majority of cases, these fantasy series – which are of course the fruit of the huge success of “Game of Thrones” (and even earlier, of the big genre bang made by the “Lord of the Rings” movie trilogy in the early 2000s) – well, in the bulk of The cases, these series are not particularly good, unfortunately. At this point in time, having already received in recent years “Shanara Stories” (MTV), “The Witcher”, “Witch” (Cursed) and “Shadow and Bone”, Netflix’s trio, fans of the TV fantasy Already know not to hope for too much; At best they will get a generic product that will still somehow manage to get their attention, and at worst they will get a generic product that will fail to do so.

The good news in the case of “The Wheel of Time”, the new big fantasy series from the streaming service Amazon Prime (which aired last weekend and is also available to watch in Israel) based on the monumental book series by the late author Robert Jordan, is that Belongs to the first type, i.e .: sweeping enough to justify your time. The bad news is that at the end of the day and despite the considerable investment, it is also quite generic. There is nothing to talk about a game-changer of the “Game of Thrones” breed here.

The story – which the Jordan Prize won in 11 books, when after his death the burden of the writer Brandon Sanderson, who wrote three more books ending the saga – begins in a small mountain village in the area of ​​a book, to which Moraine (Rosamond Pike), who belongs to the Order of Women-Wizards, Haas Sadai. Only they have the right to channel the “one power” – a powerful magic, which in the distant past was also available to men, and now they are strictly forbidden. And in front of Morayn is a mission: to locate among the villagers the “reborn dragon”, a man who is the incarnation of a mythological hero who stopped the Dark Lord ages ago and will be required to do so again soon.

After a violent and unexpected event, Moraine finds herself fleeing for her life in the company of her companion / bodyguard Lan (Daniel Henny), along with four young men who could each be the modern incarnation of the dragon – Iguane (Madeleine Madden), Rand (C Vosha Stradowski), Perrin (Marcus Rathford) and Matt (Barney Harris). At a later stage there is another joiner, but let’s not expand too much so as not to spoiler for those who are not fans of Jordan’s books.

And yet, in the end, generic. It is very possible that this is not the fault of Rife Jedkins – in the past he competes in “Survival” USA (Season 11), and is currently the creator of “The Time Skill Cycle”. Belong to a genre called High Fantasy, a “high” fantasy. Its distinct and early archetype can be found in the form of the epic “Lord of the Rings” by Tolkien. , Sometimes radical.

As early as the 1990s, when Jordan began publishing the books in his series, there was something a little anachronistic about them. Today, after Game of Thrones has reopened the fantastic playground with its roughness, ambivalent moral system and relative realism, the “classic” epic fantasy of “Time Skill Cycle” seems like a real regression. It’s not that the genre has no right to exist today, of course, but only that in order to exist and be relevant it needs some edge – something like the merry horniness of “The Wizard”, for example – to leave a mark. And “Skill of Time,” at least based on its first three episodes, just doesn’t have that edge.

She is quite enjoyable, visually rich, and as mentioned, sweeping enough for you to stay with her, at least at this point. But in the end, given the recent inflation of the fantasy genre, and especially in the face of the big promises yet to come – like “Dragon House”, the anticipated “Game of Thrones” prequel, and of course Amazon’s next big fantasy, “The Lord of the Rings” The “skill of time” does not seem to leave a particularly significant mark. All in all another well-invested and nice fantasy series, and not much more than that. A bit of a shame, no?

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