She Just Wants to Sleep: The Night Date of Quentin Tarantino and Daniella Pick

The successful director and his wife Daniella Pick were caught by the paparazzi cameras while leaving a restaurant in Hollywood. Pick was not too excited about the photographers surrounding their car, and mostly looked tired and eager to return home.

If you were recently looking for Quentin Tarantino at the cafe near your home or hoped to catch him at Cinema City watching a movie (or maybe at the Festigal?), Then we have disappointing news – he and his wife, Daniella Pick, have long since returned to their Los Angeles home, at least for the time being. No need to worry about them of course, in Hollywood you can enjoy no less than in Tel Aviv and this weekend the two left their one-and-a-half-year-old son Leo with the babysitter, and made themselves a date of a date at the popular Craig’s restaurant in Los Angeles.

After finishing the meal, the two left the place in their car, not before being documented by the paparazzi waiting for them outside. The couple are already accustomed of course to photographers surrounding them wherever they are, whether in Israel or the US, and by the time they got out of the car park, the tired Pick seemed mostly eager to get home soon.

Hopefully the pastime has helped Trentino forget a bit about the entanglement he recently found himself in: the successful director has announced his intention to auction digital files that will contain scanned copies of an early script in his film “Cheap Literature,” featuring deleted scenes, audio notes and more.

Unfortunately – Mirmax Studios, which produced the film in 1994, announced that they were less satisfied with his new initiative and filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that they were the ones who held the copyright to the film. Trentino’s lawyer said in response that the rights are actually the director’s yes and that “the bullying step to prevent this from happening will fail.” Solve it between you and update, we will be happy to give a quote.

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